Top 10 Spotify tips

Collaborate on a Playlist

Well, we all have a friend who has a slightly different musical taste. And when you plan a long road trip with them, you end up imagining the onslaught of the ‘unique songs’. But you can’t rule them out totally. How about a common ground, where you create a playlist for the both of you. Thankfully, Spotify has this option where two or more users can collaborate on a playlist. After creating a playlist, right-click on it and select Collaborative Playlists. Once done, send the link over to your friends and enjoy a blissful road trip.

Create your Playlist on Spotify

You can create your own collection of songs in your playlist. It is also easy to share them or play the playlists made by other artists, users or Spotify. The playlists that Spotify creates is based on the user’s choices or other users having similar choices. They can be found in the Home section, under Library, named as “Made for you”. If you want to create your own Playlist, then you can simply choose “Library” then under Music you can choose ‘Playlists” and then click on “Create Playlist”. You will have to name your playlists according to your preference and then finally click on “Create”. That is how easy it is. Now when you like a song you can just click on “Add to Playlist” and choose your playlist and it will be added. Creating a playlist of your favourite songs will make your Spotify experience better that is why it is listed in the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks.

Keeping your session private

Maybe you don’t want all your friends to know exactly what you’re listening to at all times (we all have our guilty pleasures, don’t we) and for that reason, you prefer to keep your profile private for now. Spotify also offers that feature (don’t say I didn’t help you out, huh!)! To do that, all you need to do is to go to the settings (which you can reach by clicking on the arrow on the top by the side of your username), and then check the Start a private session to listen anonymously option. To know whether it is enabled or not, just pay attention to if it’s become green. Another simpler way of doing it is by clicking on the same arrow we talked about and then select the Private session option. Keep in mind that it will only be enabled until you log off Spotify. When you open it up again, the session will once again be public.

Find and Add Playlists

The best thing about Spotify is playlists. Either created by Spotify itself, or by the wider community. Spotify makes it very easy to create and share playlists. And anyone with the link can embed or import the playlists directly to their account. Or you can just play a couple of songs or import a specific song to your own playlists. The “This is X” playlist is a great place to start discovering a new artist. Spotify also has playlists based on moods, genres, and activity. Community playlists also come up when you search. Again the terminology for a playlist is different. Here, you “Follow” a playlist to add it to your library. Spotify playlists are dynamic though. And they’ll change when the person who made it changes them. To get around this, you can import a playlist and create your own. The best thing to do is to search for Spotify playlists only. Just start googling for the music that you like. Reddit’s r/music community is also a great place to find Spotify playlists.

Activate your eSIM (Only for Germany and the UK)

The TicWatch Pro 3 comes with eSIM support. So, if you live in one of the regions where that’s supported, you should be able to get a monthly subscription and use your watch as a stand-alone device. When writing this article, only Germany and the UK seem to be in the supported regions, with Vodafone as the sole supported carrier.

Make a new playlist

For a new playlist, click on the “New Playlist” option on the left side. Then, you have to select the “Add to Playlist” option and click on “New Playlist” to create the playlist.

Browse the Internet on PS5

Even though the PS5 can do impressive stuff like play 4K gaming, 3D Audio, playing Netflix, and handling Blu-Ray Discs, the console lacks a simple web-browser. Technically, there is a crude web browser that lets you browse the internet but it’s buried deep in the settings. There are ways to browse the internet on PS5 as you do on your computer.

Use Spotify Codes to share your tracks

First, you need to save the code by clicking on “Three Dots” on the right of the song and tap on the code, then click on the “Save to Photos” option. You can then share your tracks with your friends.

Share your playlist to your favorite social media platform!

Do you think the playlists you create and curate are of the highest quality, and thus everyone has to know it exists? Well, in that case, I bring you some good news: Spotify lets you share your incredible and amazing musical taste with all your friends and followers, and it is another one of the tips and tricks we will teach you! That is to say that you can share your playlists to several platforms, including Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Tumblr, and Skype directly, or create a Spotify code or a playlist URL to share if the platform you want to post is not on this list. To start the process of sharing, you have to right-click with your mouse on the playlist. After that, you will see a menu with several different options. Now, you have to place your cursor on top of the one that says Share, and you’ll see a submenu that looks like this one: Finally, you have to select the social media platform you want to share to (or copy the link), and the job’s done!

Send a playlist to someone via text message

Another very cool minor feature found on Spotify is the possibility of sending private messages with your very own playlists to other users. To do so, you simply have to follow all the steps in the previous item, but at the end, choose the “Send to” option! After that, you will have to select the friend to whom you want to send this playlist, and you can even couple it with a personalized image. It might not be one of the best or most important tricks you can use on Spotify, but you can’t say it isn’t useful.