Top 10 Spotify tips

Turn OFF Spotify's "Normalize Volume" Setting.

I've actually posted in this in LPT sub but the mods there insisted that it was a product/service recommendation and removed the thread. I hope it stays up here so that everyone benefits from it.Spotify's "normalize volume" setting kills the overall music experience. Some say that it only reduces the volume, some say it degrades the quality while reducing the volume. I say you'll definitely be better without it and and have a thousand times better sound.Turn it off in the settings, switch to another song, see if it makes any difference (I recommend "All Time Low" and "Bury a Friend" for a test). In case of no difference, just hop back.Enjoy!

Organize your playlists with a very simple trick

If you want to create a spacing between your playlists, what you can do quite easily is to create a new playlist with a simple space as its name, as we show down below: To create a new playlsit, right click on an existing playlist to open up a menu, and then click on Create Playlist. After having created your new playlist with a blank name, you will see something that looks like this: Simple, isn’t it?

Transfer your songs from other streaming services using TuneMyMusic

If you are a newcomer to Spotify and you previously used another service, or if you’re heading off from Spotify and into another of the best music streaming platforms, you don’t need to lose your playlists: by using TuneMyMusic, you can transfer them between platforms! When you first sign up to this platform, you can choose the music streaming services you will use, by logging into them. Then, you have to choose the streaming service to which you want to transfer your playlists, and start the transfer! Follow this link to start using TuneMyMusic!

Modify Search Results

Let’s admit it that it would be insane to browse through Spotify’s huge library of music. So we have the search functionality for it. Search for any song and chances are, it would be there. But then, if you want to search for a batch of songs from a particular period or an artist, you can just put in the appropriate modifiers and fire away. Currently, Spotify supports the following modifiers,

Learn to Use the PS button

The controller has gotten an incredible design change and has gotten impressive hardware upgrades. One of the major changes to the new Dual Sense Controller is that the PS button has more functionality than ever. If you’re upgrading from the PS4 then you would notice the button behaves very differently from the new Dual Sense Controller. Here are the actions triggered when you press, tap, or hold the PS button.

  • Press PS button once: Open Control Center at the bottom of the screen
  • Press and hold the PS button: Go to Home Screen.
  • Double-tap PS button: Open Most Recent Card.

Follow Artists and Albums

The first thing you should do after installing the Spotify app is to search for artists. This is to build your own library. Find all the music that you like and add it to your library. The more music you listen, the better Spotify can recommend you new music that you’ll like.

Explore More Collaborative Music with ‘Blend

If you’re like me, chances are you often wonder what kind of music your friends love listening to, and whether their music tastes and yours can come together nicely. Well, with Spotify you don’t need to wonder about it anymore, you can check it out for yourself. Simply go to the Search menu and you will see a new ‘Blend’ feature. With this, you can invite one friend to join your collaborative playlist. Once your friend accepts the invite, Spotify will automatically curate a playlist based on both your music tastes, which will include songs you love, songs your friend loves, and songs that Spotify things you both will enjoy listening to as well. It’s a really fun way to expand your musical palette.

Regain your removed playlist

Spotify allows you to recover your removed Playlist by going to the “Account Settings” option and then click on “Recover Playlists.”

Add Local Songs to Your Spotify Collection

Have a regional favorite which isn’t on Spotify, yet? Simple. Pull in the song from your personal collection. All you need to do is head over to Edit > Preferences and select Add a Source under Local Files. You can only add folders as local files and not individual songs. These uploaded songs will be seen under Local Files in the left panel.

Customize the Control Center

The Control Center is the newest addition to the PlayStation interface. It allows you to access frequently used items such as managing accessories, adjust volume, pause music, manage downloads, etc. All the options are enabled by default but you can tidy up your Control Center by disabling some of the items. It is to disable Game Base, Music, Network, Wi-Fi, Accessibility, Volume, and Mute buttons. Simply press the PS button once to bring up the Control Center and press the Options button on the Dual Sense Controller to customize your PS5 Control Center.