Spotify tips

Transfer your songs from other streaming services using TuneMyMusic

If you are a newcomer to Spotify and you previously used another service, or if you’re heading off from Spotify and into another of the best music streaming platforms, you don’t need to lose your playlists: by using TuneMyMusic, you can transfer them between platforms! When you first sign up to this platform, you can choose the music streaming services you will use, by logging into them. Then, you have to choose the streaming service to which you want to transfer your playlists, and start the transfer! Follow this link to start using TuneMyMusic!

Organize your playlists with a very simple trick

If you want to create a spacing between your playlists, what you can do quite easily is to create a new playlist with a simple space as its name, as we show down below: To create a new playlsit, right click on an existing playlist to open up a menu, and then click on Create Playlist. After having created your new playlist with a blank name, you will see something that looks like this: Simple, isn’t it?

Listen to an offline playlist, song, or album

Another one of the best tips and tricks for Spotify is one of its premium-exclusive features. On Spotify, if you are a premium subscriber, you are able to listen to offline music, with access to its entire library of over 50 million songs, whether you are on a computer, or on your Android or iOS device! Of course, it requires that you have to invest a little bit of monthly money, but even so it is entirely worth it, even more so if you take into consideration that you’ll be able to save your mobile data and gain access to all the other (amazing) premium features that Spotify offers. Tip: Learn here how you can listen to music offline for free, and find out which ones are the best free music download websites!

Download Music for Offline Use

When you’re browsing a playlist or an album, you’ll see Download toggle at the top. Tap on it to save the songs on your device. This only works for Spotify Premium account holders.

Listen to Spotify on the web

It is not a requirenment that you have Spotify’s app istalled on your computer or Mac to be able to listen to the songs it has to offer. Of course, the experience does improve a lot with its desktop version, and some of the features we’ve mentioned here can only be used on the app, but as a last resort the web version might be a good option. To use it, all, you need to do is to follow this link. Then, log in to your account, and you will be ready to listen to  your favorite songs without installing anything. It is worth mentioning, however, that the sound quality on the web version is lower than on the installed app version.

Learn which ones are the top tracks in other countries

Other than letting you listen to all your favorite songs, Spotify also helps you out in broadening your musical cultural knowledge, and doing so is another one of its tips and tricks. The best way to learn what is most successful in almost any other country is by using the Charts tab. To reach it, first go to the Browse menu on the left side of the screen, and then click on the Charts tab, which will be found in the middle of the screen. There will be several different playlists curated by Spotify. The four “main” ones are the Top 50 in your country, the Global Top 50, and its Viral counterparts. However, if you scroll down aa bit, you will see two more tabs: Top 50 by Country and Viral 50 by Country. When you click on either of them, you will be presented with a complete list with the Top 50 songs in all the countries Spotify is present. I can guarantee in most of them you’ll see at least one of the most popular artists on Spotify!

Use your keyboard to control your playback fully

Exactly like on volume, whether you’re a Mac or a Windows user, you can easily control your playback by using nothing more than your keyboard. Of course, if it offers the multimedia keys feature. If it does, you will be able to do a lot of different things in regards to controlling Spotify, including opening it up (if it is the default music app), mute your computer, stop the song, skip to the next one or to the previous one, and pause and play it. Everything with just a few clicks!

Use your keyboard to increase or decrease the playback volume

Unlike what happens on YouTube, for instance, a case in which you have no other option than going to the website to increase or decrease the playback volume, if you have Spotify installed on your Windows PC or your macOS device, you can easily change the volume with the keyboard. To do so, you have to use the multimedia keys (if they’re available). In some keyboards, the multimedia keys are bound to the function keys. To use them, you will have to press the FN key along with the correct function key. It will work just like if you were using Windows Media Player or iTunes!

Listen to the playlist of repeated tracks

You can access your repeated tracks in the “Made for You” section. Spotify updates this section on a weekly basis.

Arrange your searches

Add a “Not” word on unwanted searches and a “And” word on the searches you need in the future.