Top 10 Spoiler tips

If you took a break from the game and forgot what you were doing and need a refresher of what's going on, you can go back to the first bonfire at Rost's Camp.

I found this interesting. My first play through, I never went back to the camp. And I quick traveled back to get the metal flower that's nearby. But Rost's grave is there and Aloy will talk about whatever is going on in the main story and about what she needs to do.A very awesome feature!

Explore the ocean floor in your prawn suit.

The terrain around spots of interest (such as lifepods) is designed to lead you to further discoveries. Glowing plants, tunnels, natural paths between chasms, all guide you towards other nearby places worth seeing. It's very easy to miss these guide markers if you just visit beacons in a seamoth or seaglide, and don't spend time wandering on the floor!I learned this the hard way by returning to spots I'd previously visited in a prawn suit to harvest resources, and noticing tons of stuff I'd missed on my first trip. Walk around in your prawn!

Triple kill plus voice crack.