Top 10 Smite tips

If you see someone get their conquest role stolen, help them out and steal it too. You make the thief feel like a moron, and you may even ruin the game for him.

Ex: I called jungle and selected Arachne without locking. A teammate autolocked loki and said jungle, and would not chat with the team. As a result, everyone in the game went jungle and we followed him, laughing for the whole game and refused to surrender.Trapped in smite purgatory.

If you don’t feel like backing, you can quickly run into the enemy fountain to purchase your items.

Use wisely.

Use savage controler layout.

People I'm telling you it is worth the effort of adjusting to. Easier to use relics with no bugging and maps your skills other than ult to bumpers and triggers, WAY easier to use. Only downside is occasionally popping relic when trying to use potions. But people trust me, use it!

Zeus cloud (ult) blocks Rama's ult's line of sight.

For clarification:BrokenMelodies explained it more fully:The cloud from which Zeus summons his lightning during his ult blocks the line of sight for an ulting Rama. Meaning Zeus can hide under his own ult to not be sniped by astral arrows.

Buying any Emote of a new god gives you 75% off of the next Emote you buy, even if its favor and the second gems.

Sorry for titlegore but I just wanted to point out that you can get a dance emote for 50 gems via spending favor.EDIT: After some investigation, this is RNG based.There is a much higher chance on this coupon proccing on new gods, seemingly about 75% chance. It may have a higher chance on the wave.It can work on some older gods, but it has a much lower chance of about 25%.Once again, I apologize to the misleading title, I had evidence of my initial hypothesis working.

Buying Hel's T4 gives you a coupon for the voicepack.

I just bought Expelled Hel for 300 Gems and got a 50% off coupon for her voicepack which made it only cost 50 gems! Which is awesome because now I have 330 gems left over instead of 280 so I can buy a T3 and a VP still. Just wanted to throw this out there, hope it works for you.

Zhong Kui's ultimate does not need any stacks from his passive.

I just played a match with a player who raged at everyone on our team because we kept "preventing him from building stacks" as Zhong Kui and thus made it so he "can't use [my] ult now!". Eventually the Ymir and I stopped to try to tell him that you don't need stacks to activate his ult, to which his response was "when I use it guess what comes out? The ****ing ghosts!" and declared us idiots. So hopefully this will help everyone understand: you don't need stacks to activate ZK's ult, and you will do the same OFFENSIVE damage as if you had 20 stacks. Now, your DEFENSIVE power will not be as high, as each stacks provides 4 protections while the ultimate is active, but that isn't important to being ABLE to activate the ultimate and being able to DAMAGE with it.

Alternating A and D in Bacchus Ult and Cabrakan Earthquake makes you go straight.

Title says it all, its like a 2s transition between A and D, just gotta get the timing right.

Master All of the Gods.

This has helped me become a much better smite player. Half the battle is knowing what your competition is capable of and knowing how long their important abilities will be on cool down after they blow them trying to kill you. For example, after a Neith uses her back flip to disengage from a fight you have roughly 16 seconds to take her out before she can use that again. Don't be afraid to pick a fight with someone if you know their escape is down. Escape abilities generally have 14-18 second cool downs so that window is your best opportunity to take them out.If you find yourself struggling to win games or have difficulty fighting against a certain god, master that god and you'll gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.