Top 10 Skyrimmods tips

How to avoid the annoying double-mouse issue when you alt-tab back into Skyrim.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64I dunno how often this happens to ppl, but I get an annoying "double mouse pointer" when I jump back and forth from Skyrim (the Windows mouse starts showing up again, along with the Skyrim pointer).I found the best way to avoid this is just to open the Console before alt-tabbing away from Skyrim. Works about 99% of the time. For the other 1%, I sacrifice a small animal in an octagram drawn in goat's blood on the floor. I have a feeling my soul gets tainted more when I cater to bad Windows behavior.

For mod testing. you can type in the console: "coc riverwood" to skip helgen start.

You will start with the basic dovahkiin gear/face from the trailers in riverwood, it's good to check textures and other stuff in a fresh save.

If you want to quickly re-install the game - use the Steam backup/restore feature.

If you are still using Nexus Mod Manager for some ridiculous reason, installed an ENB and don't know how to remove it or maybe even something else - here's a solution for you.If you didn't make a copy of your game folder before you started modding, instead of deleting the game re-downloading it back from scratch, use the Steam backup/restore feature.What this does it actually pretty cool. Even if you game folder is modded or there are other files you don't want in it - do a backup of that installation and Steam will make a compressed version of the clean (yes, completely ignoring your files) game to the directory you choose.After doing so, simply delete the game in Steam, delete the left-over files and use the restore feature.

If you want to disable your third person camera from shifting when out of combat and get an Oblivion style behind-the-back camera, use these INI settings.

ExampleIn your Skyrim.ini file: [Camera] fOverShoulderCombatAddY=0.000 fOverShoulderCombatPosX=0.000 fOverShoulderCombatPosZ=20.000 fOverShoulderPosX=0.000 fOverShoulderPosZ=20.000 fOverShoulderPosY=-100.000This will make your third person camera stay in the in-combat camera angle, essentially disabling the over the shoulder out-of-combat camera and appear more like an Oblivion or Dark Souls camera at all times.

Turns out Nexus Mod Manager Was Taking Up 60GB On My SSD After Not Using It For A Year...

Hey guys,I was looking recently through my C:\ drive to check how so much space was being used up - I only had 2 gb left with no games or downloads or documents on it - and found a 'Mods' folder right is the C:\ drive root. I checked how big it was - 60GB. I finally found my issue! So I looked to see what was in it, and to my surprise found Skyrim SE (7gb) & Oldrim (55gb) mods from a while back that were huge from NMM. I quickly deleted them.Just thought this may help others with old large mods not yet deleted. This was also after uninstalling NMM.

Run the texture optimizer after installing perma!.

I've noticed that the weapons and armors tendo added in are saved in some weird ass format I've never seen, and they take up about 10 times as much space as they need to. The texture optimizer puts them into a better format meaning your gpu can hold more textures and work less hard drawing them!

Turn off Screen-Space Reflections.

Before i had 80fps, after turning them off i'm getting 88-90fps, obviously it depends on what rig you're running but it really hammers performance for a small difference in visual quality, here are some videos and pictures showing the difference with both reflections on and off:MGS V: 4: looks nice, but not worth it if you don't have a high end build IMO.

Having a Xbox One Controller plugged in, will cost you ~15-20 FPS.

Yes.I dont know why, i just tested it. Vanilla Skyrim (with NLVA)Without Controller plugged in, 91-93 FPSWith controller plugged in (before starting) 75-76 FPSWhen you pull it out while playing you will also get the boost.Can anyone confirm test, or maybe I just have some of the weirdest driver issue.