Skincare addiction tips

Give yourself smokey eyes (Park Jimin from BTS)

Ah yes, Park Jimin, the king of smokey eye makeup. Made famous by his visuals in the “Blood Sweat & Tears” music video, Jimin’s smouldering, silvery stare has spawned so many makeup tutorials on YouTube to copy this iconic look. For this Korean beauty trend, we referred to Krystal Marie’s tips below:

Keep a consistent skincare routine (Seulgi from Red Velvet)

Experimenting with multiple beauty products is a fun activity for beauty vloggers and influencers — but a risk for K-pop idols, who can’t afford breakouts or sudden flare-ups right before a performance. That’s why consistency is key for Red Velvet’s lead vocalist and dancer Kang Seulgi, who likes to play it safe with her skincare regimen. “When our comeback approaches, I try to take really good care of my skin, so I tend to try everything that is famous,” Seulgi told Allure. “But I ended up realizing that my skin actually became worse because there were products that didn’t fit my skin. [Now,] I like to go with my usual products and routine because it helps balance my skin.” Of course, you can still try that new line of Korean makeup you’ve been eyeing. Just make sure that you don’t have any meetings or life-changing interviews lined up! Also read: Wondering Why Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Apply warm eyeshadow (Seo Ye-ji)

We simply cannot talk about Korean makeup trends without discussing Seo Ye-ji. In 2020, the 30-year-old actress wowed everyone with her drop-dead gorgeous looks in the K-drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Her eye makeup looks soft and natural, while bringing out the charisma and intense personality of her character. How to recreate this glamorous aesthetic? Taking a cue from YouTube vlogger MONGABONG, you can use warm-toned shades — like coral, grey, copper, light pink, and brown — to form the base for your eye-shadow. Then apply over the previous shade a gold shimmer above and underneath your eyes, along with a matte brown shade to deepen the outer corners of your eye lids. A high-shine copper glitter applied to the centre of your eyelids will further add dimension to your look. Finish this with a nude matte lip, and you have a stunning complexion that can turn heads whenever you enter the room.

Experiment with bold and beautiful hair colours (Irene Kim)

Thinking of getting a new hairstyle this year? Consider Irene Kim for your ultimate hairspiration! A Korean-American model and beauty blogger, she’s known for kickstarting the “unicorn hair” trend in South Korea. Kaleidoscopic pastel colours are layered across her locks, from shimmery blue-purple to a bright pink bob. Meanwhile, the use of different tones provide depth to her hair, which appears lustrous and silky-smooth. Magnetic, isn’t it?

Pair a sleek cat eye with red lipstick (Lisa from Blackpink)

A good cat-eye will never let you down. Just ask our fellow BLINKs (a term to describe fans of South Korean girl group BLACKPINK), who know that Lisa’s trademark look comes together with a perfect fringe and winged eyeliner. The Thai-Korean dancer and rapper, who was crowned one of the “Most Beautiful Faces of 2020” by TC Candler, and MAC Cosmetics’ latest global beauty ambassador, completes her signature aesthetic with vivid, cherry-stained lipstick. This brings out a fierce and powerful look. It’s perfect for slaying the world stage!

Got any acids lying around that didn’t work for your skin? try using them as deodorant!.

I saw recently that AHAs and BHAs can work as deodorant bc they create an acidic environment in your pits that odor causing bacteria can’t grow properly in. i was skeptical but yesterday i tried swiping some cosrx bha liquid that my face did not like on my pits instead of deodorant and i was TOTALLY SHOCKED at how well it worked. it wasn’t slimy like the unscented clear stick i usually use and i smelled totally neutral all day, it was amazing! this won’t work as an antiperspirant obvs so i wouldn’t use it if you have excessive sweat issues but if you’re like me and don’t really like most stick deodorants i highly recommend giving it a try!

Hanging shoe organizers are great for storing skincare and cosmetic products.

I replied to a comment recommending one of these (pic not mine) and thought I would share this life pro tip with everyone.As someone who shares a bathroom with others and has a little room to spare it's been a real life saver! I have one with mesh pockets but you can also fine clear and decorative ones for cheap at Walmart, Ross, Target, etc. I paid about $5 for mine and it was well worth the investment. Edit:wording

Applying messy masks, such as Aztec Secret, is 100x easier if you use a flat foundation brush.

I discovered this today, shit was life-changing. The Acztec clay mask is always gross to work with, smells awful and I always have a hard time getting nice, even coverage. I decided to use an old, clean foundation brush to apply after mixing, and it was amazing. Perfect coverage with no thick or thin spots, and even better I didn't have to get it on my hands or under my nails. Just thought you guys would appreciate the tip!

Don't look at the mirror when you're applying your cleanser.

I don't know how many of you guys do this but i always did. Today my mirror got steamy after shower and i couldn't see anything so i just massaged cleanser on my face without using my eyes. And to be honest it was quite big difference.I always got frustrated when massaging cleanser if my pores was clogged and only did harm to my skin by being too harsh and massaging too long. After all it's how your skin feels and i could feel the skin better when i wasn't focusing on just how it looks. This helps me be way more gentle on my skin. Don't know if it helps anyone but just wanted to share

Fight hyperpigmentation during the day.

Treat dark spots using antioxidants during the day. At night, apply topical retinoids to enhance cell turnover to shed pigment. —Zeichner A version of this article originally appeared in the April 2019 issue of Allure. For fashion credits, see Shopping Guide. To get your copy, head to newsstands or subscribe now.