Skincare addiction tips

Prevent Sun Damaged Skin By Eating Wild Salmon

Sun exposure accelerates the effects aging your skin and increases your risk for developing skin cancer. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays damage the fibers in your skin called elastin. When these fibers break down, your skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its elasticity – or its ability to return to a youthful shape and bounce after stretching. Which is why sun damage causes most of the wrinkles (and age spots) you’ll see on people’s faces. You can help your skin stay healthy though, and provide it with an “internal sun block” when you eat wild salmon. Wild salmon helps prevent sun damage because it contains high levels of astaxanthin. Which makes wild salmon something of a super food. Astaxanthin is the reason wild salmon has a red pigment, and is a potent antioxidant that helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of UVA sun damage because of its capacity to promote skin elasticity and hydration. Leading to healthy, younger looking skin. It’s found in seafood such as salmon, krill, shrimp, lobster, crabs, and crayfish. You can also get astaxanthin through supplements. Enjoy several servings per week of wild salmon and seafood and consider taking a supplement every day, especially during sunny times of the year. You also want to protect your skin on the outside with a natural sun protector.

Hydrate Dry Skin With Coconut Water

Most of the time, dry ashy skin is just a minor annoyance. But sometimes, it leads to uncomfortable itchy patches, or burning rough spots. Dry ashy skin is caused by a lack of moisture, which leaves your skin dehydrated. While soaps, lotions, and detergents that contain harsh chemicals often cause skin to dry out. So will cold, harsh weather, with low air humidity; and long hot baths or showers with prolonged water exposure. If you’re looking to hydrate your skin from the inside out – so your skin appears nourished and vibrant – coconut water is a great choice. Coconut water is rich in nutrients, acts an anti-inflammatory, a detoxifier and an anti-microbial – which means it helps promote clear skin. More importantly though, coconut water naturally moisturizes your skin without adding excess oil. And the presence of potassium in coconut water helps with hydration balance for fluid and electrolyte levels in your body. So start your morning with a glass of fresh unsweetened coconut water. And, then – throughout the day – drink filtered water. At meals include skin-hydrating foods such as wild salmon, avocado, olives, and coconut.

Reduce Skin Creases By Changing Your Pillowcase

Sleep wrinkles?! Even with a flawless skin care routine, using the best skin care products, you can still wake up each morning with sleep wrinkles if your bedsheets and pillowcase are made from coarser fabrics. As you get older, sleep wrinkles can occur because your skin loses collagen and elasticity. If you sleep on your side or front – the pressure, friction and compression from the weight of your head on the pillow or bed can cause your skin to fold and crease. With younger skin those folds and creases fade quickly due to plenty of collagen and elasticity in your skin. But as you get older those sleep lines tend to stick together more and deepen. Leaving permanent sleep wrinkles on your face. To help reduce skin creases, instead of using bedsheets and pillowcases made from coarser fabrics, choose materials that are soft, smooth and silky – with a high thread count. If you sleep on your side, try switching sides occasionally or sleeping on your back, so your face doesn’t wrinkle over time from pressure in certain areas. But, don’t stress about this… ultimately, you want to be comfortable because high-quality sleep is essential for natural beauty. Want some more beauty sleep tips? Here’s a few from my friend Kathy Smith.

Get Soft, Kissable Skin With A Natural Pomegranate, Raspberry, and Sweet Almond Oil Blend

Your skin contains a mixture of skin cells and natural oils that help it stay hydrated. If your skin is damaged (from aging, sun exposure, harsh chemicals, some medicines, etc.) and isn’t able to retain moisture, or if your skin’s cell renewal process goes haywire, your skin can become dry, flaky, or scaly. If you don’t have a condition that requires a medical provider’s care, and you’d like to avoid over-the-counter products that may or may not work… you can always naturally hydrate dry skin – and add an extra glow to the end of your skin care routine – by creating an antioxidant-rich oil blend using natural pomegranate, sweet almond oil and raspberry oils. Pomegranate oil has anti-aging properties due to a high amount of Vitamin C, and it can help in the production of collagen. Almond oil is mild and hypoallergenic which makes it great for sensitive skin. It’s also rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps your skin cells regenerate faster. And raspberry seed oil is rich in ellegic acid and Vitamin E which have anti-aging effects and help prevent oxidative damage. When combined, these three oils make an incredible moisturizer that softens your skin. How to create a pomegranate, raspberry, and sweet almond oil blend: Apply after cleansing or after putting on makeup. Mix together equal parts Pomegranate seed oil, Raspberry seed oil, and Sweet Almond Oil, or get the already made The Spa Dr. Glow Boost. Place 3 to 6 drops of the oil mixture in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm the oils. Then, with your fingertips gently press the warm oil into dry areas of your face or areas where you have fine lines and wrinkles.

Get A Natural Face Lift With Simple Yoga Poses

Ever wonder why some women have firm, smooth skin no matter season it is? Ask them and you’ll likely learn they do yoga. Yep, yoga! Doing inverted yoga poses will boost oxygen-rich blood circulation to your head which will help give your face some extra lift and vitality. Yoga also helps you relax, can elevate your mood, and help balance your hormones which can lead to firmer, smoother looking skin. The “downward dog” yoga pose is both simple and easy to do by getting on the floor on your hands and knees and then straightening your legs. Even rather simple yoga poses like bending down and touching your toes can work miracles on your face. Stay in one of these positions as long as you feel comfortable, for about 1 to 5 minutes. Want a few more poses? Here are 14 yoga poses you can do for glowing skin. If you have physical limitations such as injuries or back pain, check with your healthcare provider for ways you can modify these poses to better suit your needs.

Use Raspberries And Coconut Oil For Brighter Lips

A range of lifestyle and medical factors can lead to darker or duller lips over time. Most often this harmless condition can be caused by excessive sun exposure, dehydration, lip sucking, allergic reactions, smoking, etc. You can brighten darker and duller lips with cosmetic procedures like laser or chemical treatments (such as hydroquinone and kojic acid). Or you can use raspberries and coconut oil as a natural lip brightener. Raspberries are one of the few fruits rich in Vitamin E – so its antioxidant properties help reduce skin damage and nourish your skin. And coconut oil is a fantastic natural skin moisturizer that melts on your skin as soon as you apply it. So it seeps directly into your skin’s pores. When combined raspberries and coconut oil nourish and moisturize your lips deeply and thoroughly – for a brighter healthy look. To use raspberries and coconut oil – warm 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil in a small saucepan on low heat until it liquefies. Remove from heat and add 4 fresh or frozen red raspberries. Mash berries and blend until smooth. Place in a small glass container and refrigerate until firm. Use clean fingers or a lipgloss brush to smooth over lips. Make this fresh every few days.

Eliminate Tired Puffy Eyes With Chilled Tea Bags

The skin around your eyes is softer, thinner, and more sensitive to inflammation. Which is why environmental or topical toxins, a lack of sleep, hormonal changes and allergies often lead to tired puffy eyes. To eliminate tired puffy eyes just use chilled tea bags. The antioxidants, caffeine, and tannins in green, black, and chamomile teas help reduce irritation and work to soothe your skin quickly. The anti-inflammatory properties in teas also reduce fluid retention and promote blood circulation around your eyes – giving your eyes a fresh, renewed appearance. To use chilled tea bags – briefly steep 2 green, black, or chamomile tea bags in hot water for less than a minute. Then remove the tea bags from the water and chill in a small bowl in the refrigerator. Once chilled, place 1 bag over each closed eyelid. Leave on your lids for 5 to 15 minutes. Watch this video if you’d like to see me explain this.

Use Flour to Bleach your face

For dry skin, use gram flour (besan atta) with curd. This will bleach and clean your skin. For oily skin, use wheat flour (normal atta) with milk. This will take care of all your beauty related ailments, on the face. Now this is a grandma secret tip everyone needs to try because who likes facial hair. Ancient wisdom said that every problem has a solution, and nature has all the answers. We just need to be little patient and thoughtful. I have been using my grandma’s beauty hacks for long now. Most of them work really well and do not cause any side effects. Eating right might not be possible all the time because of the crazy schedules, however treating right is something I can choose. Instead of attacking my skin with chemicals, I always choose to opt for something natural and home made like my grandmother and do too. Read More:

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Raw vegetables and salad

Eat raw Carrots, Radish, Cucumber, Tomatoes, and Onions etc. in raw form as much as possible for elastic and blemish free skin. Another pearl of wisdom from grandma’s closet.

Take walks in the park

My grandparents always told me to try to wake up with nature, breathe some fresh air and try to walk without shoes on green grass. This not only improves your eyesight, but also gives you enough Oxygen for a fresh and enchanting look. It is said that just by looking at green grass, you can kill almost twenty potential diseases like Diabetes and Cataract.