Skincare addiction tips

Tomatoes for Fairness

Grandmothers sure know how to keep skin beautiful and glowing. Rub Orange peel or Tomato peel on your face to get rid of tanning instantaneously.

Flour to remove facial hair

Fed up of facial hair? Rub atta or flour on your face every day. This will pull out unnecessary hair gradually and retard the growth of hair on hands and face.

Eat loads of ghee

It is necessary to include ghee or butter in one meal. According to my grandmother’s secret book, this keeps the skin lubricated. Do not undermine the importance of ghee. It strains and kills most of the bad germs, forms a protective layer around healing cells and help in speedy recovery.

Fresh Juices can be applied on face

What is the best form of fruit juice? According to my grandma, Unstrained and without salt and sugar.

Oil your hair Before Shampoo

Try to oil your hair before a head bath. I apply oil a day in advance. This oil is going to absorb dirt really well. I’m sure everybody’s grandmother or mother say this every once in a while.

Fuller’s Earth for Long Black Hair

My Grandmother had black tresses and never dyed her hair. She used Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti once every fortnight to clean her scalp and hair. She sure knew how to keep her hair healthy and long.

Use milk and curd while bathing

For dry skin, nothing works better than curd. Thats what my grandma and mother say. Ditch those soaps, use stale curd to clean and nourish your skin. This can be applied on your face as well. For oily skin, count on raw milk as your best friend. You can use it while bathing once a week. Do not apply any moisturizer after that.

Keep your head covered while stepping out

I am not patriarchal in my approach and attitude and not a staunch feminist either. Whenever I step out during the torture period i.e. April to October, I cover my head for sure. Not out of my respect for traditions, but to protect my face from harsh rays of the sun. This keeps a lot of oldies at home happy. The rule is, instead of curing a tanned skin, why not protect it instead? This also helps me in keeping my hair safe.

Use Ghee on your Lips

Ghee is loaded with a lot of fat! Avoid cracked lips. Rub something like ghee, butter or even scum of boiled milk to prevent damage. This acts as a natural moisturizer and will prohibit the dryness of lips. Even during winters, there will be no need to moisturize them with anything else. A very simple grandmother beauty secret.

Indulge in one household chore religiously for a glowing face

Yes, that is what my grandmother used to tell. Flush out all the negativity on one activity which is time consuming and needs a lot of physical involvement. Be it cleaning the bathroom, washing utensils, washing clothes etc. These activities eventually leave no time, room and energy for frustration and keeps you face free of wrinkles.