Top 10 Siege academy tips

If you have a SSD, it's faster to quit to the main menu and start up another Thunt than it is to wait for the post-action report and retrying.

Faster by like...10 seconds on my PC. Do note however, your renown won't change when doing this. So it's not advisable if you actually care for your renown.

Take a grain of salt for every new info you receive.

In this video, just one tip that I recently found out that is really important. Asking "why" if you're insecure about something is very important, because then you understand the reasoning behind the stuff. Us, content creators, really appreciate when the community is being involved with us, even with a such simple question

Lean as you peek.

What do I mean by this? Instead of peeking while leaning like i see some people do, lean as soon as you peek to make the peek a bit faster. Something like this buck kill

When in a gunfight with Blitz, do not aim for the exposed shoulder. Just keep aiming at the head for the headshot during his ADS.

The exposed shoulder are just armor plates and do not have any reliable hitbox to cause damage. Aiming and firing at it will just make it easier for Blitz to ADS and headshot you. Additionally always flank with another person when going against shields and save some C4 for them.

The art of the wide peek.

Wide peeking is where you peek far out from a corner exposing your entire body to kill someone holding an angle on said corner. this should be used when you know the opponents position but he is holding an angle on you and there are no alternative angles on him. this works because you are peeking past their crosshairs to shoot them by the time they adjust you will kill them. i only can recommend wide peeking in these situations. otherwise peek from cover. ​

Use fuze to mask the sound of hibana/thermite's gadget.

One of the main drawbacks of those two ops is that you hear the charges burning through the reinforced wall. Fuze's gadget us noticably louder and will distroy defender gadgets at the same time. Keep mind that this requires good timing/coordination.