Top 10 Sewing tips

Maintain ideal sewing conditions

You would be amazed at how many times mechanic glitches can be fixed by cleaning the machine, rethreading it, or changing the needle. I have covered the cleanliness part already. Rethreading is another useful maintenance operation to apply. If you can't seem to get the tension right, if the thread keeps jamming or breaking, if anything feels wonky, try rethreading everything (spool and bobbin). That will often solve your problem. As for needles, be sure to use the proper one for each project. Universal needles are good in many situations but they aren't the universal best choice. They won't work as well on very thin or thick fabrics than thinner/thicker needles will. Jeans for example may be your everyday wear, but they require more than your everyday needle! Needles also become blunt or bent fairly quickly. This can lead to thread jams or, worse, the needle crashing into the needle plate instead of going through the hole (and consequently breaking). Change it regularly for better, safer stitching.

Use Wax to Strengthen Threads

Use this little gadget. It’s wax, and when you pull the thread through, it gets coated in wax. This makes the thread nice and strong while you hand-sew. It’s one of the best hand sewing hacks you’ll learn today.

Use Thimble For Your Hand Sewing

Many believe that wearing a thimble  is awkward and uncomfortable, but wearing one is a must. It helps one’s finger from pushing the needle and helps avoid needle prick injury. Learn how to use a thimble, here. Click the play button here to watch this smart hand sewing tips by Melissa Esplin. These great pieces of information help you do your work better and easy, and helps you make the most out of your hand sewing projects. You may want to try all these sewing tips, you wouldn’t know how great you could possibly become!  So which one did you find amusing? Hope you had so much fun learning today! Want to learn some sewing tutorials Click here.

Neatly Store Bobbins

I have so many bobbins with so many different colors of thread. Organizing these things and keeping them neat can be difficult. They’re so small that you can easily lose them without even knowing it. You can use toe separators, which you can get at the Dollar Store for around a dollar or less, to keep bobbins separated and in place. This makes it much easier for you to find the color that you need. Source and more info: sew4home

Choose the right stitch length

Use a longer stitch length. This reduces the number of holes you make in the oilcloth (which can potentially make it less waterproof) and prevent the oilcloth from tearing.

Fake Hems

If you’re in a pinch for time and the hem on your favorite skirt has come out, you can create a fake hem with some bias tape. The tape will hold the material together perfectly until you can officially sew the hem back into place. In some cases, you may be able to do away with the sewing altogether and just use your fake bias tape hem instead.

Save When Cleaning Your Machine

Canned air is a wonderful thing and can really help you to get that sewing machine cleaned out and remove all the dusts and fabric or thread particles. Of course, canned air isn’t free – which is odd since it’s air, right? You can however, avoid the cost of canned air and simply use a bicycle pump to clean out your machine. These cost around $5 and can be used continuously, so there’s no worry of running out or spending extra money to buy more air.

Choose the right machine

Obviously if you already own a sewing machine, you can skip this (and make do with what you have). However if you still need to buy one, there are sewing machines best suited to beginners to choose from. I'm not going to go into detail here about the advantages of those models but I strongly invite you to go read a few of product descriptions to get the gist.

How To Keep Scissors Sharp

You can’t really sew well if your scissors are dull. I mean, you could sew but you’ll also need to be able to cut thread and fabric, right? Keeping scissors sharp isn’t difficult and it doesn’t take much time, but it is essential for sewing. A good way to keep scissors from dulling is to ensure that you only cut fabric with them. Avoid cutting pins and always keep them clean and dry. Source and more info: andreasnotebook

Use Washi Tape as a Sewing Guide!

Machine sewing becomes easier when you can follow a line. Washi tape is invaluable in the sewing room! You can mark fabric, use it to make bias binding, mark out seams, etc. It’s 1/4″ wide, so it’s a handy seam measuring tool. This is such a clever sewing tip that will help keep your sewing by hand to a minimum.