Sewing tips

Keep A Mug Next To The Machine

Keep an empty coffee mug next to your sewing machine to make using large spools easier. If you’re using a spool that’s too big for your machine, you can simply place the spool in the mug, which you position directly under the spool pin. This allows you to keep using that thread spool without having to transfer it onto a smaller spool.

Bobby Pins Hold Pleats In Place

When you’re ironing, you want to be sure that you are not ironing out your pleats. You can avoid this by using bobby pins to hold those pleats in place. Then just remove the bobby pins when you’re finished and you have a perfectly ironed piece of clothing. Bobby pins are really cheap – you can get 50 at the Dollar Store for around a dollar or so.

Create A Mini Sewing Box

An old matchbox works perfectly for creating an on the go sewing case. Just add your pins, needles ,and thread in the box and drop it in your purse or put it in the glove compartment of your car. This is a great way to avoid those mishaps like tears or missing buttons when you’re on the go. You can wrap thread around small cardboard pieces and add a few different colors so that you’re prepared for any sewing emergency.

Organize Your Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss can easily be kept organized with just a few minutes and some really inexpensive supplies. Organization is essential when it comes to sewing and other crafts, particularly if you tend to do more than one project at a time. Clothespins work perfectly for keeping threads organized and they’re really cheap – you can get a bag of 50 or so at the Dollar Store for just a couple of dollars. Source and more info: heatherjslife

Keep Your Iron Clean

Keeping your equipment clean and well-maintained is essential for any DIY project. This includes your iron when it comes to sewing. You can keep your iron looking and working like new with this simple trick. Just mix salt and vinegar and heat on the stove. This solution easily wipes away any dirt and grime that may be on your iron and keeps it from dirtying up your fabrics. Source and more info: littlethings

Easy Printing Fabric

You may think that you have to purchase expensive fabric to print designs or photos. You don’t. An easy and much less expensive way is to just soak cotton fabrics in a mixture of washing soda, Alum, fabric softener, and hot water. This gives you vibrant colors that will not bleed and saves you a bundle when it comes to photo print designs. Source and more info: theidearoom

Sew Knit Fabric On Your Machine

Sewing knit fabric can be difficult to say the least when you’re using a sewing machine. But who wants to do all that sewing by hand? Well, you don’t have to. There’s a trick to sewing knit fabrics on your machine that will definitely save you time and effort. You have to remember the stretch when working with knit fabrics, and there’s a great guide that can help you to get the perfect stitch no matter how much stretch you have. Source and more info: andreasnotebook

Press Fabric Between Buttons

Your iron may be your best friend when it comes to pressing fabrics for sewing, but not so much when it comes to pressing those small spaces between buttons and other embellishments. You can actually use a hair straightener to easily press those areas without worries of hitting your buttons or melting decorations on your project.

Use Mini Clothespins For Sewing Bindings

When sewing bindings and piping, mini clothespins can make your life much easier than pins. You can get these clothespins at the Dollar Store for around a dollar or so for several. Instead of having to negotiate all those pins, you just unclip the clothespins and they help to keep your layers perfectly lined without worries of repining. Source and more info: positivelysplendid

Use Soap Instead Of Chalk

You know you hate having to get chalk out of your fabric once you’ve cut out a pattern. An easier way is to substitute soap. When you’re tracing lines on fabric, use soap – which by the way you could easily melt down and form into a pen shape. When you use soap, it washes out easily and there are no worries of chalk lines on your finished product.