Top 10 Resumes tips

Do Write a Concise Resume

The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind while creating a resume is – Keep it short and concise!  Recruiters usually don’t want to spend much time on assessing your resume and prefer to look over the concise resume. Meanwhile, you’re recommended to create a one-page resume as it is most-preferred by the interviewers. Furthermore, if you have relatively more work experience and you need to go for a two-page resume or more then you must try to make it relevant and epigrammatic.

Create a professional persona for yourself.

Importance: ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ A professional persona is a two or three-word description of yourself that should stick in the head of the recruiter when your name doesn’t. It’s like when you try to describe someone from last night’s party. Remember the girl who graduated from Harvard and talked about goat cheese for an hour? It’s like that except less goat cheese.

Reinforce your professional titles by showing career progression.

Importance: ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ Putting a bunch of flashy job titles on your resume isn’t the most impressive thing you can do believe it or not. What is impressive is the telling the story of your career progression. See, you can be a social media manager for your cousin’s pizza place without any prior experience. But when you can show that you progressed to that position through hard work, that’s impressive. The trick is trying to make each past role reinforce your place in the next one. Example: Marketing Manager

  • Manage a team of 10+ employees.
  • Prepare annual marketing plans. Marketing Specialist
  • Planned and implemented promotional campaigns.
  • Cooperated with interactive agencies. Marketing Intern
  • Conducted market research.
  • Assisted during promotional campaigns.

Make sure to give attention to your important achievements-

Always remember one thing, when you are writing a resume. under the experience section, rather of listing your job duties, you should choose your top 3 or 4 remarkable achievements in every role you’ve held. If it is possible then you can also include numbers that easily measure your success for any particular achievement or goals. If you want to specifically highlight any relevant achievement in volunteer work, education, or other professional experience you can include a separate section for it.

Try to include only sections and subheadings that are necessary-

If you are writing a resume so it is the most important thing that you should have to know about. If you want to get the job at first try, so it’s required for you to make a resume that is easy to read, clear and attractive. So you should have to include those sections and subheadings that you think necessary to put in your resume. If you include irrelevant information and un-necessary sections in your resume, then it will not be an attractive resume.

Consider adding a Hobbies and Interest section to your resume.

Importance: ✸ ✸ ✸ If you have space, hobbies and interests can be great additions to your resume. That’s because companies are beginning to emphasize work culture. Which makes finding a candidate with a  fitting personality increasingly important. Just be sure to research your company. Choosing hobbies and interests that match the company’s culture is a good strategy. Right: Work Culture: Corporation participates in charity marathons. Hobbies and Interests: Volunteer Work and Athletics Wrong: Religious, political, or sexual hobbies. If the person reading your resume has an opposite opinion, it could hurt your chances of getting an interview.

Do Customize Your Resume Accordingly

Indeed, you’re required to customize your resume regularly according to the particular job descriptions. The recruiters usually do the screening process of picking out the relevant and worthwhile resume through searching for the specific keywords related to the required skills, qualifications, experience, etc. for the job. Hence, you’re required to update your resume insights regularly and showcase the skills on your resume relevant to the particular job profile. Moreover, the process of regular customization of the resume is also necessary for situations like the change of contact information, skill up-gradation, etc.

Do Mention a Summary Statement

A summary statement is used at the beginning part of the resume that usually gives an idea about how you can be beneficial for a particular organization. In general, the summary statement emphasizes your skills and relevant experience to the recruiter.  Moreover, try to avoid too long and objective statements in the summary section. Meanwhile, you’re strongly recommended to not directly copy the summary statement from any other resources (though you can get an idea about the same) and try to write a unique & enriching summary statement.

Trim any unnecessary fat from your resume.

Importance: ✸ ✸ ✸ Having problems keeping the length of your resume in check? You will want to trim the fat:

  • Make sure every word you’ve used is necessary.
  • Keep your bullet points to six at most.
  • Trim your resume summary or your skills section without killing the value.
  • And kill any extra sections that aren’t mandatory.

Select suitable margins-

Commonly one-inch margin size with a single space in the lines is appropriate for a resume You should use it on all sides of your resume. Even if you find that your resume has too much white space. Then it is good to choose lines spaces 1.15 to 1.5.