Top 10 Resourcestutorial tips

Lock the inspector to assign multiple objects at once

Quick tip for absolute Unity beginners

Keep your component's settings safe.


Auto-Pause On Error.

We've all had it happen, your game spits an error into the console at runtime and you don't even realize. Especially when the error doesn't cause something game breaking or visually obvious.Hopefully you'll notice it at some point and think "When the hell did that happen?", but it's also possible that you'll just miss it entirely.Did you know Unity has an easily overlooked option called 'Error Pause'? You'll find the button along the top of the console. Turning on 'Error Pause' will automatically pause execution of your game the instant an error is logged (including unhandled exceptions and failed assertions).No longer will an error go unnoticed in the console! And better still, it's immensely helpful to know the exact moment an error occurred, and be able to inspect the game’s state at the time of error.

You can perform basic arithmetic inside inspector fields.

Not sure how many people knew this before, but I learned this pretty recently. Anywhere that you see a float, int, or Vector field (maybe more?), you can perform basic arithmetic inside! Very handy because before, I would use a calculator and it would waste plenty of time. EnjoyHere's a short demonstration video

Getting a Mini Map Scroll bar like SublimeText.

The other day I saw a post about a new update to SublimeText so I decided to try it out. I didn't like much about it except for the mini map scroll bar, so I looked around and found that Visual Studio can do it too.All you have to do is right click on the scroll bar -> ScrollBbar Options -> Use map mode for vertical scroll bar. This works in VS Community 2013 and 2015.You can also get it in Notepad++ through View -> Document Map.

Tail Editor.log!.

By tailing your Editor.log file as you work, you can always see what is going on with your editor, see additional runtime information that isn't normally available, and see build stats as you build.---Path to Editor.log on every OS can be found here.---How to tail a file:Unix Based OS tail -f /path/to/fileWindows Powershell Get-Content "Path/To/File" -Wait