Top 10 Renekton tips

How to Combo with Tiamat/Hydra.

For all you avid Renekton players out there. The reason you buy Tiamat/Hydra on Renekton is to combo, it works very well with his kit and amplifies his burst damage considerably, and you should only get these items when you can properly use them. Now the Basic Combo is this: Crescent>Q, this clips the animation of the item and frees up time, it's also very fast at clearing waves, however there's a more useful application. Your W is (much like Malzahar Ult) a self stun, it makes you stand still for the duration (less so with the last buff but still a self-stun), you can cancel this self-stun with the active Crescent, and - you guessed it - this can be cancelled with Q, there you have the best Renekton combo, as demonstrated below: How to Combo as Renekton with Tiamat/Hydra Write any feedback/questions down below!