Top 10 Reminder tips

If you face the hero of month Bloodseeker in lane buy a magic stick, Bloodrage count as spell.

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Don’t Forget to Quit App Fully When Done or You Waste the 10 Trial Hours.


To save someone's ass, shoot at it

Give” option.

During any time of the quest, you can give your specified teammate an item from your pouch! Going to your pouch and selecting an item gives you the option of “give”. Teammate faints? And you happen to have an ancient potion? Give them it!

Donating to CC can help you get the Rubbish Avatar!!!.

Something Has Happened!******You are now eligible to use 'Rubbish' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!***​​Donating to the CC can count towards achieving the Rubbish Avatar, which normally requires discarding between 4000-5000 items.BUT in order to get it you must discard an item normallyI've been donating to the CC all day, and then went to discard a retired item that I couldn't use and got the avatar instantly!

Check that your ramen has water in it instead of checking your phone.

Well, everything was burnt and now my microwave smells terrible and I had to clean it out... really not a fun night

You can use shadow poison after disrupting opponent to prevent him from using blink dagger.

Use shadow poison immediately after casting disruption on the target to prevent them from using blink dagger.