Top 10 Red dead online tips

Do not skin the carcasses, Cripps only accepts them with their skin on.

I totally missed this part and tried to turn in multiple skinned deers.

Hogtie your target, then knock them out before attempting transport. I haven't had a single target wake up and get away by doing this.

While melee attacking a target or tying them will eventually allow them to escape, there is a way to get around this. You have to hogtie your target, then run at them and tap B/O to deliver a swift kick in the head, giving you the +5xp for knockout and +5xp for merciless, and your target will remain unconscious.I find this useful if you want to wait until the last minute to maximize yout payout, hitch your horse near the drop off so the target can't be interacted with, and you can wait however long you need before turning the bounty in. I could be wrong, but personally I have done this many times without failure.

You can put a wagon on autopilot too. You have to keep X (PS4) or A (Xbox) pressed while riding somewhere and start aiming. You can now release X/A and as long as you keep on aiming, the wagon will keep its course.

So now, with creative controller leverage/position, you can roll a joint/wipe your kid's ass/have a wank/say a prayer or whatever, while the wagon rolls to its destination at a moderate pace. Enjoy!

Take over IRS roadblock as your own and rob passerby's for their pelts. The most fun I've had in a while (near twin stacks)

Always check little houses or ruins when you pass by. Half the shit i have i got from these places, there really is a collectible in those most of the time.

Don't hold the button to view daily challenges as you enter the stable.

Just learned that the hard way, currently stuck in the stable. Big face palm while I restart.

Sell Perfect Pelts and Carcasses to Gus McMillan, even if he doesn't have clothing for it yet.

So this week they released a new article of clothing Gus sells that requires you to sell him a perfect wolf carcass, which I had already sold to Gus several weeks ago. I went to take a look at the recipe, and Gus remembered my perfect wolf carcass and sold me the clothing. ​It appears that McMillan remembers what you sell him for a long time, even if what you sell him is currently useless. So I recommend if you get your hands on something like a perfect moose pelt, sell it to McMillan, even though he doesn't make any clothing that requires a moose pelt, because if Rockstar adds that clothing in a month or so he'll remember the moose pelt you sold him now.