Top 10 Rantrave tips

Don't tell others what you think their size is???.

So I got a new job and their manager asked if I would like my uniform in a size large. I wear a size small or medium. Ruined my entire day and ended up binging on an entire pizza. Feel like I'm delusional and actually buying smaller sizes than I should. Do I look larger than I actually am at a bmi of 20? Messed up everything in my head.Really the takeaway from this is that I am dumb and get offended too easily.

Work as a cook.

On mobile flair as rant or rave or humor. I work in a kitchen and can eat a lot of food for free or at least free shift meals and I can't bring myself most of the time because.All the servers are skinny vegans who don't eat much.All the other cooks eat too much and I don't want to look like I'm out of control or have impulse control.I need to know how many calories are in my food so I don't eat anything I didn't personally measure and cook.I don't have time to cook my own food or eat on breaks.The gluttony of our customers makes me want to swear off food every day because I don't want to be a fat vegan.A lot of our customers are either fat or super skinny and I don't want to be a fat vegan so I guess redundant.In conclusion working in a restaurant when your disordered is super fun...not. kill me..Willow.