Top 10 Rainbow6 tips

Don't retaliate on team killers on ranked, they'll get kicked eventually, not be able to play for 30 minutes AND they'll lose a little bit of their rank

Turn off Text Chat in Game for a better experience.

My friends and I got pretty tired of toxicity in the game. The majority of it came from text chat (PC of course) and typically came in two forms:- Some idiot on the other team getting really mad or spamming chat with garbage- Some idiot on our team getting butthurt and spamming chat with garbageIf you go into your Display settings in the menu, you can disable specific HUD features. Text Chat is on there. 10/10 would recommend. Much better experience since turning it off.

If someone runs goyo, run Kapkan with him. If you play your cards right and place the volcan shields with the traps, you've got yourself 3 claymores on defense

If you live in USA don't play tonight or tomorrow night the fireworks will scare the hell out of you as a defender.

Thought I was getting breached by like eighteen breach charges at one momentEdit: not complaining about the fireworks I just thinks it's funny how immersive r6 is and how the fireworks make it even more immersive

Can't find the last terrorist ot two?.

Get close to a C4 to trigger it and run away so you don't get hit. Whenever that happens, the terrorist that is closest to you on the map shouts "hit the C4" or something along those lines. This gives you an audio cue as to where he is. And if you don't hear anything, that means he's pretty far.Source: way too much Thunt instead of ranked like normal people.

How to place Mira windows the correct way.

Metal bars.

Many unreachable walls or floors in the game have metals bars running through them and it hinders vertical play (sometimes). However, did you know that the metal bars run from north to south so making urself face N or S will make it much easier to angle ur crosshairs.I know most people already know this so please try not to leave any hateful comments.

When you are choosing operators you choosing abilities first, guns second.

Winning is not about getting kills or playing with guns that suits you best, that not how Siege works. by choosing an operator at the start your job is predetermined. you dont directly push site with Dokkaibe and clear roamers with Thermite, No. using the abilities whenever they could prove helpful to you or your teammates can give you a crucial advantage.