Top 10 Rainbow6 tips

You can cluster bomb through some floors, so don't feel you're limited to walls or doors only!

If it's a 2 on 1 push the room together not 1 by 1.

If you are dead and spectating, don't hog the cameras.

Starting to see an uptick on this issue, particularly when playing with randoms. A camera being used by someone and they do not have a mic or are not sharing the Intel with the rest of the team. As a result, I cannot move/pan the camera looking for the opposing team so I can warn the rest of the team. So, if you are killed and are waiting for the round to be over, and you do not have a mic, please switch your view to first-person on a surviving team mate and release the cameras for use. PSA: Cameras are not for use while you go refill your coffee or favorite drink while you wait for the round to be over.

If you want to play ranked GOD damn stay for the entire game or don't queue up for it at all.

Played 5 ranked games and in every game someone would of left the game or stayed afk, like pls use your brain and don't queue if you are not going to play.

You can use Luison(Caveira's Pistol) to get both secondary and suppressor kills.

Not sure where that destroyed camera is located?.

Its location is still indicated on the compass! I'm probably in the minority here, but I only just realised this after 1500 hours...

Ying is the queen of killing rooters.

Her shotgun does a number on them and is superb in the mode in general. Rooters stunned by her Candalas can be taken down instantly. The wide area and fast detonation makes it easier to stun them with Candalas than with normal stuns.This is for anybody who wants to do the rooter challenge or just hates them in general.

If you want an ACOG as a defender, equip the screwdriver gadget and loot one from the corpse of a dead attacker

REVIVE IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. Teamwork is the basis of this entire game.