Top 10 Rainbow6 tips

If you purchase all packs, claim and open the Ubisoft Club pack AFTER you complete the collection. It converts the pack and gives you 300 R6 credits instead of renown.

To avoid Cav getting interrogations on your teammates, down all of them at the beginning of the round.

Once they get downed once, they can't get downed again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If you mute someone in-game you can't see their pings.

Just a helpful little bit of information.

You can destroy radios/TVs/Juke boxes to get rid of the noise they make.

It might seem obvious, but I'm the only person on my teams I see doing it. On some locations it helps more than others, but it makes it easier to hear where attackers are coming from.

Don't use boosters and don't try to play ranked immediately after an update.

I wasted one of my boosters trying to get more renown. I could barely get in to a game, and when I did there were lots of issues. The drone glitch happened to me twice and each time I had to restart the app. Then I play ranked and people are losing connection left and right. My teammate got kicked and never got the option to join back (when is that going to be fixed?). Basically, don't use boosters and only play casual until the dust settles.

Drones Can hide in Rook's armor vests.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or video of this...When you're searching for the objective in the beginning (or if you just throw one mid-game), you can hide your drone underneath the lid of Rook's armor vests he places down. You can get there going through the cover. Once you're there, you need to get a certain angle and you'll be able to see through the lid completely.Did this in a game and continued to spot the enemies. They acted very confused. Anyways, sorry for no picture or video. I'll edit it in next time I do it (or if someone else does it)