Top 10 Rainbow6 tips

Don't be offensive on defense in the last 20 seconds.

Whenever I'm on defense I'm always in the objective room waiting for the enemy team to attack I'm not moving out peeling corners where the enemies are just to get killed. The whole point of defending is waiting and letting the enemies come to you. Unless you're a roamer but when you pick an objective operators let the enemies come to you.

If you want to shut the guy up who keeps screaming into loud speaker, shoot it (Border Map)

Use a twitch drone to destroy your teammates drones and you’ll be able to see where you spawn in casual

Use Thatcher and Thermite to break into rooms that way we actually fucking win!.

Seriously is nobody using thatcher and thermite anymore?

If your teammate is reinforcing a wall, give them space to slide over one unit to reinforce the next one. This saves everyone time.

One of the biggest mistakes I've noticed new players tend do is that even though a teammate has two reinforcements on a two reinforcement wall, they feel as though they should help finish it. You can save yourself and your teammate the hassle of running around looking for an open wall, by just choosing a different wall to fix up. It should be common courtesy, but I've found that many people don't even realize what they're doing.

Put a deployable shield in a doorway and then put a Kapkan mine behind it.

I've been trying it with a friend over the last few games, and it works like a charm. No one expects to explode while jumping over a deployable shield. Worked 5 out of 8 times we tried it, not including matches where they didn't even go that way.