Top 10 Rainbow6 tips

Teamkill a teammate at the beginning of the round, if they drop a phone, there is a Dokkaebi on the enemy team.

Push together

When ADSing with IQ's gadjet you can see more widely electronic devices.

If your team only has one or two players left alive, repeatedly calling them trash in voicechat isn't going to help you win.

I shouldn't have to say this but here we are.

If Clash is pinging an enemy for 30+ seconds and you're a roamer, please help her.

It's a free kill.

Roamers have legs and can move.

If I make a call out that a roamer is in a room, that info is only good for a couple of seconds. I made a call out that pulse was in kitchen. My friend then gets killed by pulse about 30 seconds later. My friend got mad at me and blamed me for his death. Just because a callout is made, doesn't mean it's true for the rest of the match.

Complete this challenge and win back some of the renown you lost trying to complete this challenge.