Rainbow6 tips

Complete this challenge and win back some of the renown you lost trying to complete this challenge.

Don't be offensive on defense in the last 20 seconds.

Whenever I'm on defense I'm always in the objective room waiting for the enemy team to attack I'm not moving out peeling corners where the enemies are just to get killed. The whole point of defending is waiting and letting the enemies come to you. Unless you're a roamer but when you pick an objective operators let the enemies come to you.

Roamers have legs and can move.

If I make a call out that a roamer is in a room, that info is only good for a couple of seconds. I made a call out that pulse was in kitchen. My friend then gets killed by pulse about 30 seconds later. My friend got mad at me and blamed me for his death. Just because a callout is made, doesn't mean it's true for the rest of the match.

If you want to shut the guy up who keeps screaming into loud speaker, shoot it (Border Map)

REVIVE IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. Teamwork is the basis of this entire game.

Don't retaliate on team killers on ranked, they'll get kicked eventually, not be able to play for 30 minutes AND they'll lose a little bit of their rank

Ying is the queen of killing rooters.

Her shotgun does a number on them and is superb in the mode in general. Rooters stunned by her Candalas can be taken down instantly. The wide area and fast detonation makes it easier to stun them with Candalas than with normal stuns.This is for anybody who wants to do the rooter challenge or just hates them in general.