Rainbow6 tips

Jackal has an indicator on the lower left of the screen that counts down until the next ping.

After you scan an enemy as Jackal, an indicator will pop up on the bottom left of the screen. This indicator displays how many pings are left and how long until the next one. Example.

Use Thatcher and Thermite to break into rooms that way we actually fucking win!.

Seriously is nobody using thatcher and thermite anymore?

Use a twitch drone to destroy your teammates drones and you’ll be able to see where you spawn in casual

If your team only has one or two players left alive, repeatedly calling them trash in voicechat isn't going to help you win.

I shouldn't have to say this but here we are.

If Clash is pinging an enemy for 30+ seconds and you're a roamer, please help her.

It's a free kill.

When ADSing with IQ's gadjet you can see more widely electronic devices.