Rainbow6 tips

Don't use boosters and don't try to play ranked immediately after an update.

I wasted one of my boosters trying to get more renown. I could barely get in to a game, and when I did there were lots of issues. The drone glitch happened to me twice and each time I had to restart the app. Then I play ranked and people are losing connection left and right. My teammate got kicked and never got the option to join back (when is that going to be fixed?). Basically, don't use boosters and only play casual until the dust settles.

When playing bomb, there is an objective that wins you the match too.

Seriously though, I see too many defenders rush attackers (even in plat), especially when it’s like 15s left and the attacker hasn’t planted yet. On attack I see too many people go for frags instead of make a plan with the team and execute it. Push together, have like 2-3 push one way to plant and another 2-3 go other directions and harass. Strategy will win you more games than simply trying to frag out all the time. K/D means shit if you lose.

Push together

Teamkill a teammate at the beginning of the round, if they drop a phone, there is a Dokkaebi on the enemy team.

If the concussion grenades detonate immediately without bouncing, then an enemy is in its proximity.

Save fuel by destroying the soft front of reinforcements first.

Some of your fuel gets used up destroying the soft wall in front of reinforcements. Melee the wall first, or get your teammates to shotgun it or shoot it with high caliber rounds.Blackbeards deagle can be good for this and he synergises well with Maverick.