Top 10 Question tips

Don't level up your starting ability until you need to.

It's a small thing, but can make a difference. You might get an unexpected invade and instead of your standard damage ability to start, your CC ability to win the invade or dash ability to escape and live could be a lot more useful. Or your team could unexpectedly go for the invade themselves and you need something other than what you expected.

3D press and hold backspace to delete faster.

While you still can.

If you get the new AirPods, use the free engraving to put your phone number on the case. Hopefully whoever finds them will use that to help you out.

When in a gunfight with Blitz, do not aim for the exposed shoulder. Just keep aiming at the head for the headshot during his ADS.

The exposed shoulder are just armor plates and do not have any reliable hitbox to cause damage. Aiming and firing at it will just make it easier for Blitz to ADS and headshot you. Additionally always flank with another person when going against shields and save some C4 for them.

Playing against a Junkrat and you (or your allies) get stuck in a trap?.

Throw down a wall underneath yourself (or your allies) to break out of the trap instantly. I thoroughly test Mei, ask me whatever, except things that involve exact numbers (damage from icicle from 25m away etc).

What does it mean when Mercy toggles heal and boost on you?:.

Mercy is one of the most-often flanked or targeted players in the game, and without voice comms it can be hard to notify or be notified that your Mercy is under attack.If you are a Mercy being flanked, the easiest way to do this is to choose a friendly and rapidly switch between buffing and healing them. This is a visual indicator that should help notify them.If you are a DPS and notice this, your Mercy is under attack, and if you're looking for someone to engage, you've got a big juicy target right behind you, who is currently focusing someone else. Spread the word!

Sometimes its better to stop attacking.

A few times in the last week, I've been in fractals where 2-3 people were downed just before a new boss phase would be triggered. Most times, at least one person kept attacking the boss, dropping its health enough for new enemies to spawn, resulting in a full wipe. In contrast, stopping to revive party members, or GGing, or even literally doing nothing would have been more effective.Tl;dr - if you aren't ready for a new boss phase, don't trigger it. Tons of bosses are easy to strafe and circle and generally buy time against when they don't have allies. Make the most of that.

Syringes make measuring nutrients much easier -- and they're cheap online!.

IDK about you guys but my nutrients (FoxFarm) are really concentrated and it's really easy to accidentally give my plants nute-burn. I use 1mL syringes that have 0.1 increments for precise measuring. You can buy them in bundles for around $1ea on eBay or Amazon. Cheap enough to have separate syringes for different nutes.

Question for keeping Chicken fresh/moist for few days.

I have been baking chicken at 400F for 20mins on Sunday night and using it over next 5 days in the lunch. The problem is that once I heat the chicken breast in microwave oven for 15-20 seconds for lunch, it becomes quite rubberized and it becomes hard to chew. Can anyone please suggest me any tips for stopping chicken from becoming hard to chew/rubberized?

To save the Audio message in iMessage, long press the Audio message and select copy. Now, go in the Files app then long press and paste.