Top 10 Quake champions tips

The goal is to STAY ALIVE!.

Stay alive! If you win a fight, the first priority should be finding health pickups (even if you have the quad, if super low). Don't engage in a new fight until your at least close to full HP and ideally have some armor. If you do, you'll likely be starting the fight at a disadvantage.It's much better to run from the 2nd fight, heal up, then engage with full HP (maybe some armor?) PLUS all your weapons! With all the action in quake, people tend to forget that a death is a point for the other team. Give the other team as few points as possible!

If the game is stuttering a lot, try disabling access to cpu0.

Hello,Something I noticed is that the game would stutter heavily as it was using up the entirety of cpu0. Blocking access to this CPU prevented the game from stuttering for me and now it runs perfectly.Here is how to do it: post if this worked for you as it may help the developers fix the game.

You like menu music but hate it when you alt-tab? Just click this then alt-tab.