Top 10 Pv z heroes tips

Follow The Main Story Before Jumping To Multiplayer

As eager as you might be to jump head first into the multiplayer, playing through the main story gives you a chance to understand how the game works. It puts you in different scenarios and matches which help you become a better, more skilled player. They give you a chance to see how all the cards work and how the gameplay mechanics work as well. An added bonus is that you win resources which allow you to buy more card packs that help strengthen your deck.

Complete The Quests

There two different types of quests you can do, mission quests and hero quests. Each day you are given 3 different mission quests to complete which grant you rewards on completion such as gems. Hero quests, on the other hand, are specific to whichever hero you are using. These tend to yeild smaller rewards but are much easier to complete. The benfit of completing these is pretty clear. You get a healthy dose of gems everyday which helps you open packs and get better cards.

Stay in Your Lanes

It sounds simple enough but it makes a world of difference when you are playing, As the levels become more complex and the layouts start to differ, you should study the board and play your cards strategically and not make any rash choices. You do not want to be caught off guard.

Deciding Weather to go with Plants or Zombies

This is a crucial decision in the PvZ Heroes and greatly affects how you end up playing it. Many people go with plants simply because they are used to it and some plants are familiar. However, despite the strength of the plants, the zombies are a better choice to go with. This is because they can play tricks and do damage after the opponent has made their move. This gives you a slight edge over your leafy opponents and can make the difference between winning and losing. This can also influence the way the match plays out and more often than not it would be in your favour. Another reason is that zombies are way cooler than plants.

Keep Some Brains

If you do decide to go with zombies, do not forget to keep some brains for later on when you need to use one of these tricks.

Building The Best Deck

The best way to build the ultimate deck is by unlocking all the cards. This can only be done by grinding to get money and buying packs. Although luck may not always be on your side when it comes to packs, it is the only way get as many cards as you can. Once you have acquired a decent amount of cards it is time to create your own deck. This will take some time and involves trial and error but it ensures that you have the strongest deck possible. Work out what strategy you use and which cards best suit it. From there, swap out cards as better ones come in with similar abilities. This is very effective if you begin to build out your deck early on. This lets you get used to your deck and also gives you the freedom to beef up your deck as you open packs and get better cards. This also gives you time to figure out your style and what works best for you.

Watch How Other People Play

Playing in the multiplayer can be fun and it can help you get better. When versing someone online, watch how they deploy their cards and at what times during the match. This can help you up your game and improve your strategy. No matter how good you are, you can always get better.

Put Four Copies of Key Cards in Your Deck

• You can establish a strong foundation for your deck by including four copies of those cards that are most integral to how your deck performs. Having four copies of your most important cards maximizes the chances that you’ll draw them, and pave the path to victory. The above deck has four copies of both Shroom for Two and Buff-Shroom which yields a good chance of utilizing this powerful opening.

Keep an Eye on Your Cost Curve

• While the more expensive cards have dramatic effects, you must get to the latter stages of the game in order to play those cards. Include at least eight cards that cost one Sun or one Brain, eight that cost two, and eight more that cost 3 to ensure you can play cards early on. Use fewer copies of the more expensive cards. The above deck only utilizes six cards that cost more than three.

Try to Spend All Your Sun or Brains Each Turn

• Each turn, make sure you formulate a plan to fully utilize your resources. Strive to use all your Brains or Suns since they do not carry over from one round to the next. This should enhance your prospects for victory.