Top 10 Pv z garden warfare tips

Overwhelmed by Giga Torchwood? Throw a smoke grenade.

I haven't seen this posted yet, but if it has, I apologize. Giga-Torchwood is a pain in the ass. Not as annoying as Super Bean but once he pulls out his Frenzy Gatling, your health can go 100 to 0 in 4 seconds or less. It worse if there's 3 of them and a gaggle of fire plants running around.So, if you're a soldier and your teammates or yourself are getting lit up, throw some smoke between you and GT. GT do not fire their gatling or their mortar shots into smoke, just like turrets, so it'll give you some time to catch your breath, heal up, or whittle down his health.

Scientist about to warp towards you? Leave a potato mine and ruin their day!"*.

Bitch what? I tried it and the potato mines did nothing to ruin their day :'(Man I really wish this tip was effective in GW2...

Super mega ultra jump.

If you hold down space-bar at the end of your heroic kick, the momentum will give you more than twice the distance of just kicking, you can then try to bunny hop from there provided no objects are in the way.Important note: moving at all during the jump will cancel ALL momentum from it, this can be used to stop it prematurely.

If you're playing as Chomper and you're low on health, bury in the ground and stay absolutely still.

The meter will go down way slower, giving you time to safely generate some more health!