Top 10 Puzzle and dragons tips

Made a graphic to help remind me of which colors each REMDra Fever active skill produces and gets rid of, thought others might find a visual reminder helpful.

Here’s Some Game Winning Combo Tips

Puzzle & Dragons Combo Tips!If you are still getting the hang of Puzzle & Dragon's unique gameplay style, check out this video!2012-11-17T03:08:53.000Z The video tutorial above will help you adopt more winning combos for every battle. If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Puzzle and Dragons players, throw them in the comments section!

Consider Clearing One Color at a Time

If you have a chance to eliminate all the bubbles of one color from the board, do it! When there’s fewer remaining colors to match, there’s a greater chance that the next bubble Bob gives you will be the one you need to clear a big cluster.

Burden Your Opponent with Bubbles in Duel Mode

Did you know that Puzzle Bobble 3D features a competitive online Duel Mode? That’s right. In this mode, an endless swarm of bubbles will appear steadily rising towards a vortex hovering ominously overhead. The goal is to outlast your opponent by popping all the bubbles before they get sucked up by the vortex. Of course, clearing out bubbles faster than your opponent is the key to winning. But, in traditional Puzzle Bobble fashion, you can make your opponent’s job a lot harder. In Duel Mode, every time you make a match of 20 bubbles or more, you’ll send jammer bubbles directly to your opponent’s gameboard. So be on the lookout for those big groups of bubbles to pop.

Mastering Every Level with 3 Stars

Only the most ardent bubble popping fans will attempt to complete each Story Mode level with a full 3 star rating. Here are a handful of tips for those willing to brave that challenge. Most levels in Story Mode come with a hard bubble limit. When you complete these levels, you’re actually awarded bonus points for each leftover bubble. The lesson here is simple: beat levels in as few shots as possible to score the most points. A similar principle applies to levels with a time limit: beat the level as quickly as possible to rack up the bonus points.

Avoid leader switch ruining the run by using 6 Aizens

Watch Your Win Condition

In Story Mode, pay attention to what the win condition is for each level. Sometimes you don’t have to pop all the bubbles to complete the puzzle. For example, if your goal is to Free the Chack’n, you only have to pop the bubbles with Chack’n inside them to win. Free the Chack’n!

Avoid Sticking Extra Bubbles to the Core

Every bubble puzzle is made up of dozens of bubbles that branch off of a central core. On many occasions, your goal is to burst all the bubbles surrounding the core so that it activates. But if you shoot bubbles directly at the exposed core before all the other bubbles around it have been burst, they’ll just attach to it, and you’ll have to waste shots bursting them in addition to the other bubbles.

Save Your Dragon Gems!

It may be tempting to use them for stamina or to wake up dragons, but save the purple gems. They can be used for many things later on in the game, and you'll want as many as you can have. Resist using them, and save them for the bigger Dragon Chests, which contain rare rewards.

Merge Everything!

Pretty much everything in the game can be merged, from dragons, coins, and gems down to the stars you win after beating a goal in a level. Merging always leads to a higher score/grander result, so merge everything you can in the game to see what you can discover and collect!