Top 10 Puzzle and dragons tips

Play Levels to Gain More Coins/Bricks

This goes along with the last tip, but you can farm coins and bricks as well by playing levels with lots of fruit trees or stones. You can farm coins in Totem Shire 2 and stone in Quarry 8, or any other level with an adequate amount of space to harvest lots of coins/bricks and then merge.

Take Over Half-Stamina Dungeons As Much As Possible

Farming those half-stamina dungeons will help you acquire a healthy amount of more money, EVO materials and Rank-Up opportunities. Hit these dungeons up at multiple intervals to get the upper hand in those harder dungeons.


Dragon Fruits are the equivalent of Pokemon’s Rare Candy’s. When you get your hands on some Dragon Fruit, you can use them as grub for your monsters. These pieces of fruit are worth 5000 EXP, so feed them to the monster’s you’re really trying to level up.

Burden Your Opponent with Bubbles in Duel Mode

Did you know that Puzzle Bobble 3D features a competitive online Duel Mode? That’s right. In this mode, an endless swarm of bubbles will appear steadily rising towards a vortex hovering ominously overhead. The goal is to outlast your opponent by popping all the bubbles before they get sucked up by the vortex. Of course, clearing out bubbles faster than your opponent is the key to winning. But, in traditional Puzzle Bobble fashion, you can make your opponent’s job a lot harder. In Duel Mode, every time you make a match of 20 bubbles or more, you’ll send jammer bubbles directly to your opponent’s gameboard. So be on the lookout for those big groups of bubbles to pop.

Here’s How to Pass The Mask Dungeon Master Crawl also offered a few tips on completing the Mask Dungeon Master stage:

The requirement is that you should have Shiva(#236) or Shiva helper. in the first round, the monsters’ attack is not too high. Just clear orbs which can not make attack to enemies. Do it again and again until the Shiva’s active skill is ready. Then use the skill and finish the dungeon. Although Shiva’s skill effect only one turn, you can still use it if you clear the enemies in one turn.

There’s A Much Simpler Way to Down Those Metal/Gold Dragons

Those legendary Metal/Gold dragons can be a pin, but it’s best to put them down with with poison attacks. The poison damage that will chip away at these dragons’ health will make those encounters with them easier.

Here’s All The Magic Stones You Need to Know

Puzzle & Dragons features some Magic Stones that have to be purchased with real world money. These stones can be used to revive yourself if you ever take an L during a dungeon run. Check out the list below for the prices on all the magic stones being sold:

– 1 Magic Stone: $0.99
– 6 Magic Stones: $4.99
– 12 Magic Stones: $9.99
– 30 Magic Stones: $22.99
– 60 Magic Stones: $43.99
– 85 Magic Stones: $59.99

Mastering Every Level with 3 Stars

Only the most ardent bubble popping fans will attempt to complete each Story Mode level with a full 3 star rating. Here are a handful of tips for those willing to brave that challenge. Most levels in Story Mode come with a hard bubble limit. When you complete these levels, you’re actually awarded bonus points for each leftover bubble. The lesson here is simple: beat levels in as few shots as possible to score the most points. A similar principle applies to levels with a time limit: beat the level as quickly as possible to rack up the bonus points.

Replay Levels for More Prizes

You may not have noticed, but if you replay levels, you can win more prizes! Some of the beginning levels are super easy to do, only require 1 chalice of stamina, and can give you rare rewards like a egg nests (not to mention any coins or bricks you might collect as well!).

Redirect Your Dragons on the Camp

When your dragons wake up, they will have a mind of their own and start harvesting your lowest-level items. Simply drag them to what you want them to harvest, or tap on them to get them stop harvesting. Don't let them waste their energy harvesting something you don't need them to harvest!