Top 10 Puzzle and dragons tips

Farm Coins by Harvesting Fruit

Much like the stones in the game, coins can be gained by harvesting fruit trees. Coins are used to buy more dragons and buildings. When you drag a dragon onto a fruit tree, they'll retrieve a piece of fruit (pears, bananas, grapes, raspberries, etc.). Merge 5 pieces of fruit and you'll gain a random amount of tiny magic coins (worth 1 coin) and/or a bronze coin (worth 4 coins). Again, merge these coins to lead to the Magic Gem of Life, which is worth 25k coins.

Boomerang Your Bubble Shots

If you miss a shot, your bubble will always be drawn toward the core. If you’re trying to reach a bubble cluster in a tricky position, take advantage of this by shooting over or around the puzzle and letting it home in on the far side of the core. Hmm, I wonder what this powerup does?

Starter Tips for Players Who Want to Properly Utilize the Siren posted up some starter tips for players who want to get situated with the Siren they may have in their party:

You can upgrade the level of Siren’s skill(Guard Stance – Water). Just stock up 5 Marine Goblin and use them as fusion material for your Siren, and you have pretty good chance to level up Siren’s skill. The max level is 7 and then you can use it every 5 turns instead of 11. Marine Goblin is very easy to get in Sea Cave Mercury and Polar Night Tower. This is why Siren is a great monster for starters. With Siren’s skill and other skills that can change heart orbs into other orbs, you can make great combo. I recommend farm for one no matter what color team you are planning to play.

Spend All Bricks and Coins Before Playing a Level

While you're on your camp, you can go over your threshold for coins and bricks (for example, if you only have 300 brick storage and gain 350 worth of brick, the remaining brick will fall onto a pile somewhere in your camp for you to collect later). However, if you're outside of the camp, in one of the levels, any extra coins or bricks cannot be collected and will basically be wasted. As you get to higher levels in the game, you can really gain a lot of bricks and coins by merging and harvesting items, so don't waste them by having a full storage. Make sure you buy some dragon eggs, chests, or buildings before you leave camp, so you can maximum your collection potential in the levels!

Mastering Every Level with 3 Stars

Only the most ardent bubble popping fans will attempt to complete each Story Mode level with a full 3 star rating. Here are a handful of tips for those willing to brave that challenge. Most levels in Story Mode come with a hard bubble limit. When you complete these levels, you’re actually awarded bonus points for each leftover bubble. The lesson here is simple: beat levels in as few shots as possible to score the most points. A similar principle applies to levels with a time limit: beat the level as quickly as possible to rack up the bonus points.

The Bomb is a BLAST!

Of all the power-ups in the game, the bomb is one of the most useful thanks to its ability to burst multiple bubbles of different colors at once. If you’ve got a bomb on deck, try to save it until the puzzle’s core is partially exposed, then launch the bomb directly at it. If it makes contact with the core, it can burst a huge number of bubbles and make the rest of the level a lot easier. In fact, all of the powerups have their own set of strengths against certain types of puzzle clusters and situations. We recommend trying them all out.

Focus on Building Up Your RCV and HP Survivability

In order to have a completely balance team, don’t upgrade your monsters’ Attack power so much. It’s nice to upgrade that attribute, but it’s better to focus more on these two stats – RCV and HP. Your survival rate in those tougher dungeons will increase thanks to your focus on those monster statistics.

Unlocking the Hardest Trophy on your Way to Platinum

Matching up bubbles to pop is super satisfying, but longtime Puzzle Bobble fans will know that disconnecting large groups of bubbles from the gameboard is one of the keys to success. The same is true in Puzzle Bobble 3D. In fact, there’s even a trophy for making a match that disconnects a whopping 100 bubbles in a single shot. Whoa! If you’re skilled enough to unlock this trophy, you’ll be well on your way to beating all 100 levels in our Story Mode and earning yourself a fresh Platinum Trophy.

Watch Your Win Condition

In Story Mode, pay attention to what the win condition is for each level. Sometimes you don’t have to pop all the bubbles to complete the puzzle. For example, if your goal is to Free the Chack’n, you only have to pop the bubbles with Chack’n inside them to win. Free the Chack’n!