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The SANRIO CHARACTERS You Can Obtain During This Collab

• The following characters (who’re represented by their star rarity level) are available during this collab: – ★7 Rarity: Great Witch Hello Kitty – ★6 Rarity: Pompompurin, Goddess Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and KIRIMICHAN. – ★5 Rarity: Hello Kitty, Kerokerokeroppi, My Melody, Bad Badtz-Maru, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, gudetama and Pochacco

The Free SANRIO CHARACTERS You Can Obtain From the Egg Machine

• You’ll be able to receive one character from the “SANRIO CHARACTERS Memorial Egg Machine,” free of charge! An in-game message will be sent to you regarding this gift once you’ve logged into the game during this event.

The Other Goodies You Can Acquire From the SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine

• Each pull costs five “Magic Stones” and features super adorable SANRIO CHARACTERS, such as “Goddess Hello Kitty,” “My Melody,” and “Bad Badtz-Maru.” There’s also “Great Witch Hello Kitty,” “gudetama,” and a myriad of other new characters that have come out to play this time around. As a special bonus, all characters received from SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine will come out at Lv. 50.

The SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine Bundles

• There are three special bundles for this collab: – One Magic Stone + SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine (One Magic Stone and One pull at the SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine) – 20 Magic Stones + ★6 & ★7 SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine (20 Magic Stones and One guaranteed ★6 or ★7 character guaranteed) – 10 Magic Stones + gudetama Egg Machine (10 Magic Stones and gudetama and SANRIO CHARACTERS Orb Skin guaranteed)


• Once you get gudetama for the first time, the SANRIO CHARACTERS Orbs Skin will finally unlock.


• This dungeon is full of Puzzle & Dragons monsters re-imagined in a Sanrio-esque theme. When you defeat collab characters in the dungeon, they’ll drop items that you can use to exchange for other goodies at the “Monster Exchange.” Collect these items in order to exchange them for “Hello Kitty’s Ribbon.”

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The SANRIO CHARACTERS Monster Exchange Lineup

• For the duration of this collab, select SANRIO CHARACTERS like Hello Kitty’s Ribbon will be available within the Monster Exchange. You can also trade medals dropped from the “SANRIO CHARACTERS Collab Dungeon” to acquire the “SANRIO CHARACTERS Medal – Rainbow” item, which can be exchanged for Hello Kitty’s Ribbon. Hello Kitty’s Ribbon can be utilized as a powerful Assist.

The Newest Ultimate Evolutions

• Great Witch Hello Kitty, KIRIMICHAN., and many more SANRIO CHARACTERS receive new “Ultimate Evolutions” that cause them to get even stronger. Other characters have been upgraded as well. In addition, some characters have had their star rarity levels changed. Overall, all the game’s characters have been improved in some way or another. gudetama has five different Ultimate Evolutions based on dishes with eggs in them.

The Great Witch Hello Kitty

• “Great Witch Hello Kitty” is one of the best characters from this collab – her Ultimate Evolution is one of the best Leaders within the entirety of Puzzle & Dragons. “Great Witch Zela Kitty” (her evolution) is based off of a Puzzle & Dragons monster named “Great Witch of the Solitary Peak, Zela.” • To use her more efficiently, use a team full of Wood monsters (green) and try to activate six or more combos each turn (this strategy might be a bit hard to implement for beginners). Great Witch Hello Kitty has high HP and RCV (recovery), making her a strong enough tank-like character that can take a few hits.