Puzzle and dragons tips

Pulled your first Liu Bei today? Zeus Dios dungeon tomorrow also drops King Woodtans.

If you're building 3 Dios like you should, you will need to run the dungeon 42 times in order to max skill all of them. No more having to run the dungeon 100+ times due to RNG, the King Woodtans from the dungeon will guarantee skill ups for you.

Make sure you log in today for a free Godfest REM pull in the mail!

You can use Revo Orochi x Anubis as a lead in December C10 and stall forever on Beyzul, as well as tank Dios's preempt.


So uh.. level 1-3 of the new challenge dungeon isn't RBG..

The Rushes rewarded through Quests are not 1 hour dungeons. They are permanent, coop-only dungeons that reward stones.

I didn't realize until today, so I figured I'd post in case anyone else missed this

Monster cost has a HUGE effect on leveling in the new challenge dungeons.

I realized this when I swapped in a Swallowtail to deal with the stupid piis in level 5. It only has 17 cost, and it got 70 levels after floor 1 and maxed out after floor 2.Even my 35 cost ABastet ended the dungeon with ~30 levels over AMeimei, who costs 40.If you have a monster that's almost as good for your team as another but costs 5 or even 10 less, you should strongly consider using them, since adding ~30 levels of stats is nothing to sneeze at. (Obviously going down to 17 cost [Swallowtail] is overkill because you max out too early and waste levels, but going from like 40->35 cost has definite benefits)EDIT: It seems that the big cutoff for leveling is somewhere between 35 and 40 cost. You can expect a 35 cost monster to gain about 30 more total levels than a 40 cost monster. But after 40 cost, the dropoff isn't as severe.