Puzzle and dragons tips

List of tradeable 7* cards for the new DBDC collab

Organize your evo mats better using this sort method.

Optimal L Combo Boards v3.1 (gronia/blonia)

With rainbow eggs, you can now confirm an Orpharion arm/leg drop before the end of the dungeon, if it drops from an armored dragon in MHera/MZeus/MAthena only.

If you have a reasonably fast MAthena farm team and are only missing the parts that drop on floor 2 for your next Orpharion, it might be faster (and less effort) to continually abandon after fl2 for the missing part than farming Colosseum.Keep in mind this won't work if the part drops from Mathena/MHera/MZeus/DXM/Star Justice/Liberty Geist/Cosmo Crusader, because they are all 6* base.Other than that, it just lifts the anticipation that an unplussed egg that drops from one of those floors is indeed an arm/leg (or not).

Another way to avoid leader switch

When hidden, you can tell enhanced orbs apart by the timing of their flash