Puzzle and dragons tips

[NA] New Players, you can get Highlander (Cu Chulainn) or Berserk (Siegfriend) in the current Descended Challenge even if you haven't unlocked Two Heroes in Normal yet.

A lot of new players get advised to get a Siegfried or Cu Chulainn, but haven't progressed far enough in the Normal dungeons to play Two Heroes yet. This current Descended challenge, Two Heroes is the very first level. If you're looking for one of those drops, take a look and see if you think you can beat it. I'm also willing to offer advice on teams for that dungeon if you link a PadHerder in this thread. :)Edit: I love helping all of you, but it's late and I'm going to bed. I'll check back tomorrow and if anyone else needs help, I can respond then.

Be careful of selling too many GFEs for the mp shop.

The new trading system (GFEs for collab units) will probably come to NA eventually, so make sure you still have some left over after purging your box for Yog.

Myr hype!!! L and cross cascade.

Hi all,MYR HYPE!!! With the new evo coming out i decided I would share an extremely easy 2xL + Heart Cross cascade that fits into a half-board, because Myr teams will be running that :PLink: http://pad.dawnglare.com/?s=QAFNnt1Hope this helps and have fun with animated kid Myr!

A visual explanation on how to set up a 2 colour board for Juggler and Gadius so you can use the board for 2 rounds and not waste the actives.

Artura (new UEvo for No.6) added!

If you make combos before selecting the enemy to focus an attack on, it's not too late!.

If you are matching combos before selecting the enemy you want to focus your attack on you can still select it while the combo animation is taking place. It sounds ridiculous but I have been screwed before with the AI choosing to attack the full HP enemy instead of killing the one with low health (since the attack is weak to him). Or even better, when it chooses to attack the enemy with 2 turns instead of 1 turn. Example: You start moving an orb before selecting the enemy attacking next turn. The other 3 are 3 turns away. Don't panic. Once you make your combos go ahead and select him while the combos are being added up. The attack will still focus on him. This seems like a no brainer if you already know it exists but if you don't, it can be a life saver.

If you are between the rank of 120 and 494, you can play the Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Tournament Dungeon continuously up to 494.

This dungeon costs 25 stamina and nets you 51,178 in xp. At 2,047 xp/stam, this dungeon can be completed over and over until you reach the rank of 494. This is because before you finish your stamina, you've gained enough experience to rank up! This is without waiting for stamina to recharge.The max at rank 494 is due to having 263 stamina and an experience to next rank of 553,511. With 10 runs with your stamina, you will gain 511,780, which is not enough to rank up.This all assumes you can run the dungeon without fail. Enjoy! Hope this was informational!Grind to that 3%!(Re-Posting, posted as a PSA before.)