Puzzle and dragons tips

If you’re wondering “Should I trade for x DBDC card” the answer is 9/10 of the time no.

Reasons why include:- None of the DBDC cards are worth FIVE other cards that are also incredibly good. - Monster hunter is coming up, so if you really don’t want your 4th Reeche, she’s probably spent better on one of the Monster Hunter 7* rolls. - The DBDC 7* aren’t as good as people make it seem. Yeah they’re great, but they’re also a LUXURY. So: Cheat sheet to “Should I trade for DBDC card?”No.

Tamadra PEM this week.

I didn't see an announcement here or on the PAD facebook but it looks like we get tamas instead of enhance carnival this week. Pretty useful.

How I approach A3

With Ganesha as your leader and sub, you'll get 2 mil coins from the first level of the One-Shot Challenge.

Other leaders as well, listed below (thanks Raijinili)1.5x coin leaders (available in NA):CatwomanCatwoman+C. ClawKing DeviTAMA2x leaders:GaneshaScholarly God, GaneshaScholarly God of Fortune, GaneshaI'll be leaving Ganesha up in my slot for a bit if anyone wants to use him. 384,022,344Edit: I'm happy to keep adding people, and I'm about to go to work so I'll have him up all day. But as I've already accepted 15 people, feel free to delete me after you're done to make room for others. Unless, of course, you're loving my Haku in my main slot!

Godfest pulls go in the Godfest thread only. Don't make me hunt you down.

Metalit Dungeon is about 1200 exp/stam on the higher difficulty.

The Iron Strength Plaza dungeon today in NA gives over 60k experience for 50 stamina and isn't too horribly difficult, so it's a good place for ranking up. Also, first time in NA, so it's a free stone on both difficulties.

Riza Hawkeye from FMA collab punch through DMeta tamadra.

In case you are having a rough time on may challenge, Riza’s active will get you through floor 3 on may challenge 8 as well as dark metatron tamadra on challenge 10.

The 3K Guerilla Dungeons are today. Finish them before LuBu drops to snag an extra stone.

It will be a while before we see LuBu. However, now is a chance to finish the guerilla dungeon while there are only 4 levels. This will net you an extra stone after Lu Bu drops in NA/EU, and you complete his level.

5 new coin dungeons.

5 new Orb Dragon coin dungeons added today, so 5 easy stones available