Puzzle and dragons tips

Make sure to use Ganesha when doing the 2000 Day Anniversary dungeon!

[NA] Maintenance is done! Update your apps and proceed with the In-Game Download! (RIP still no Gunma).

Pair Odindra with Allatu if you ever want to just be out here making crosses

Re-enable your data installation.

Because it turns off after update.

Heart cross shields do not count as a player buff for Z8.

Not sure if this is common knowledge already, but it wasn't obvious to me and I wasn't able to find it with a search.Since heart cross leads have somewhat recently become meta leaders (very recently for NA/EU), be aware that the shield they provide, while valid for 1 turn and good for pre-emptive strikes just like a regular 1-turn shield, doesn't count for enemies that have a guaranteed turn where they "dispell player's buffs" like regular shields.So don't go into Z8 with Kaede thinking the cross shield will grant you a free turn, because it doesn't! Though Kaede can probably do enough damage to kill him through his 75% damage reduction anyway...

In anticipation of the upcoming plus egg machine, be sure to complete the Legendary Earth Solo/No Continues Quest for the sweet 10k pal points reward.

Also applicable to the other quests that reward pal points as well (for those who haven't collected them already)

November Quest C9 is farmable with ALB.

Saw this ALB build on PADX (credit to user oZem) and thought it was worth sharing so anyone who has the necessary subs and wants to brainlessly farm some King Bubtans and light jewels can do so:P1: ALB (Lock Status Remover) / Dios / Dios / Dios / Myr P2: ALB / Dios / Dios / Dios / Sub with 4+ SBR (Wood Enhance)You will need the lock status remover active to be up floor one (I used Diaochan). For the last P2 sub, I used a max skilled Raguel w/ green arrow inherited. This team needs to be able to tank 60,904 damage in order to survive Floor 4's pre-emptive.Floor 1: Use lock remove active --> Dios --> Myr and make this board for an easy 6 combos.Floor 2: ALBFloor 3: DiosFloor 4: DiosFloor 5: Dios (if jammer resist doesn't kick in, put the bombs into a row)Floor 6: DiosFloor 7: Pass turn --> Dios + Wood enhanceEnjoy! :)

Last day for easy 30 stamina SDRs from GungHo Festival Quest Lv 10.

If anyone's looking for a good place to burn some stamina or farm some SDRs, this is a good place to do it.