Puzzle and dragons tips

Optimal Anubis tricolor cascade boards

Reminder that today is the start of Descended Dungeons appearing in 3P Multiplayer! Clear those for Magic Stones!

Having trouble memorizing the new PAD Radar Dragon series' names? Just remember this mneumonic!

Just found how to change what stat is displayed here. Tap it.

Percent HP conditionals can be determined by color of HP text.

Green is 100%Blue is 80+%Yellow is 50+%Orange+Brown? is 20+%Red is 0+%I was farming star justice with mhera with someone of relatively high rank and they didn't know that if the HP text was yellow, mhera's multiplier wouldn't be active. I realized this information doesn't seem to be posted often so I thought I'd let everyone know.

Ganesha coin exchange items converted to stam value, 300 run sample size

You can farm the Fever challenge for the rewards in less than a minute per run.

You can farm the dungeon for the rewards by using the skills in the right order to get a full single color board.Start with Hestia for all as her skill is All orbs to F/W/L/HGreen Pemdra:* Hestia for the board * Dino changes Wood to Fire and Heal to Wood, leaving F/W/L* Hatsume changes Wood to Fire, leaving F/L* Hanzo changes Fire to Light, leaving L* Ras changes Light to Wood for the full board.Light Remdra* Hestia for F/W/L/H* Dino for F/W/L* Hatsume for F/L* Hanzo leaves a full board of LightSonia Remdra* Hestia for F/W/L/H* Dino for F/W/L* Ras for F/W* Hatsume for a full board of Fire

Optimal Nicol Bolas Boards v1.00