Puzzle and dragons tips

Unlocking the Hardest Trophy on your Way to Platinum

Matching up bubbles to pop is super satisfying, but longtime Puzzle Bobble fans will know that disconnecting large groups of bubbles from the gameboard is one of the keys to success. The same is true in Puzzle Bobble 3D. In fact, there’s even a trophy for making a match that disconnects a whopping 100 bubbles in a single shot. Whoa! If you’re skilled enough to unlock this trophy, you’ll be well on your way to beating all 100 levels in our Story Mode and earning yourself a fresh Platinum Trophy.

The Bomb is a BLAST!

Of all the power-ups in the game, the bomb is one of the most useful thanks to its ability to burst multiple bubbles of different colors at once. If you’ve got a bomb on deck, try to save it until the puzzle’s core is partially exposed, then launch the bomb directly at it. If it makes contact with the core, it can burst a huge number of bubbles and make the rest of the level a lot easier. In fact, all of the powerups have their own set of strengths against certain types of puzzle clusters and situations. We recommend trying them all out.

Boomerang Your Bubble Shots

If you miss a shot, your bubble will always be drawn toward the core. If you’re trying to reach a bubble cluster in a tricky position, take advantage of this by shooting over or around the puzzle and letting it home in on the far side of the core. Hmm, I wonder what this powerup does?

Explore the Color Blindness Accessibility Modes

If you’re one of the millions of gamers who are colorblind, you can still enjoy Puzzle Bobble 3D. Just check out the colorblind options in the settings menu to find a color scheme that works for you. We have color modes to accommodate Red/Green and Blue/Yellow color sight deficiencies as well as a Universal mode for those with Monochromacy.

Cancel Your Shot at Anytime

If you’re playing with a DualShock or DualSense wireless controller and you don’t like the shot you’ve got lined up, you can always press L2 to cancel your shot. You can also cancel your shot when playing in VR with Playstation Move controllers. After you’ve pulled back the plunger on your bubble cannon, simply return your hand to the neutral position and release the trigger button to cancel your shot. Cancelling your shot gives you the opportunity to try again for the perfect match or equip a powerup. R/G, B/Y and UNI Color Blindness Accessibility Options

Avoid Sticking Extra Bubbles to the Core

Every bubble puzzle is made up of dozens of bubbles that branch off of a central core. On many occasions, your goal is to burst all the bubbles surrounding the core so that it activates. But if you shoot bubbles directly at the exposed core before all the other bubbles around it have been burst, they’ll just attach to it, and you’ll have to waste shots bursting them in addition to the other bubbles.

Consider Clearing One Color at a Time

If you have a chance to eliminate all the bubbles of one color from the board, do it! When there’s fewer remaining colors to match, there’s a greater chance that the next bubble Bob gives you will be the one you need to clear a big cluster.

Watch Your Win Condition

In Story Mode, pay attention to what the win condition is for each level. Sometimes you don’t have to pop all the bubbles to complete the puzzle. For example, if your goal is to Free the Chack’n, you only have to pop the bubbles with Chack’n inside them to win. Free the Chack’n!

Match Up Distinctive Joiner Shapes

It can help to look at the knobs and holes that join the pieces. They can also be called the prongs and slots. Some have distinctive shapes and they are another good clue to putting a puzzle together. This trick works well at any time, but especially when you are getting close to finishing.

Separate Pieces by Shape

This is a trick that I use when I am getting close to finishing a puzzle, and am having a tough time. Most puzzles have various shaped pieces. Separate them into similar shapes. For example, bunch all of the ones that have prongs on all four sides together.