Puzzle and dragons tips

Starter Tips for Players Who Want to Properly Utilize the Siren

iPhoneDevPinoy.com posted up some starter tips for players who want to get situated with the Siren they may have in their party:

You can upgrade the level of Siren’s skill(Guard Stance – Water). Just stock up 5 Marine Goblin and use them as fusion material for your Siren, and you have pretty good chance to level up Siren’s skill. The max level is 7 and then you can use it every 5 turns instead of 11. Marine Goblin is very easy to get in Sea Cave Mercury and Polar Night Tower. This is why Siren is a great monster for starters. With Siren’s skill and other skills that can change heart orbs into other orbs, you can make great combo. I recommend farm for one no matter what color team you are planning to play.

There Are Three Types of Dungeons You Need to Pay Attention To

There are three types of dungeons that make up the bulk of your adventuring. Normal Dungeons are…well, pretty normal. Each of those Normal Dungeons will include different tiers. The Special Dungeons focus on different types of legendary dragons that also have multiple tiers, such as the War Dragon and Sky Dragon. Special Dungeons also focus on daily dungeons, dragon dungeons and other dungeons that have different focuses (ex. Endless Corridors). As for Technical Dungeons, the monsters in these dungeons are able to use their Skills against you and your party.

Use These Beginner Tips to Get Yourself Acquainted with the Puzzle & Dragons

Modojo.com has a few beginner tips that should get you familiar with Puzzle & Dragons’ many mechanics:

– Match three or more orbs of the same color in a row vertically or horizontally.
– There are five attributes. Fire, Water and Wood works like Rock, Paper and Scissors, while Light and Dark are vulnerable to one another.
– You can recover HP (hit points) by matching heal orbs.
– A turn is used each time you move an orb.
– Enemy monsters will attack you after a certain number of turns have passed.
– When there are a lot of enemies, match five orbs for a Mass Attack.

There’s A Much Simpler Way to Down Those Metal/Gold Dragons

Those legendary Metal/Gold dragons can be a pin, but it’s best to put them down with with poison attacks. The poison damage that will chip away at these dragons’ health will make those encounters with them easier.

Keep an Eye Out for Secret Levels

There are a few secret levels on the map, which can basically only be found by tapping around on the map. Of course, you can cheat and find a list of all them here, but I recommend just tapping around and finding them all on your own!

Pull Out the Border Pieces

The first thing you should do when you get a puzzle is separate out the border pieces and assemble them. The border is a good starting point because it's not as difficult to put together, and it gives you a large area to build upon.

Consider Clearing One Color at a Time

If you have a chance to eliminate all the bubbles of one color from the board, do it! When there’s fewer remaining colors to match, there’s a greater chance that the next bubble Bob gives you will be the one you need to clear a big cluster.

Watch Your Win Condition

In Story Mode, pay attention to what the win condition is for each level. Sometimes you don’t have to pop all the bubbles to complete the puzzle. For example, if your goal is to Free the Chack’n, you only have to pop the bubbles with Chack’n inside them to win. Free the Chack’n!

Mastering Every Level with 3 Stars

Only the most ardent bubble popping fans will attempt to complete each Story Mode level with a full 3 star rating. Here are a handful of tips for those willing to brave that challenge. Most levels in Story Mode come with a hard bubble limit. When you complete these levels, you’re actually awarded bonus points for each leftover bubble. The lesson here is simple: beat levels in as few shots as possible to score the most points. A similar principle applies to levels with a time limit: beat the level as quickly as possible to rack up the bonus points.

Burden Your Opponent with Bubbles in Duel Mode

Did you know that Puzzle Bobble 3D features a competitive online Duel Mode? That’s right. In this mode, an endless swarm of bubbles will appear steadily rising towards a vortex hovering ominously overhead. The goal is to outlast your opponent by popping all the bubbles before they get sucked up by the vortex. Of course, clearing out bubbles faster than your opponent is the key to winning. But, in traditional Puzzle Bobble fashion, you can make your opponent’s job a lot harder. In Duel Mode, every time you make a match of 20 bubbles or more, you’ll send jammer bubbles directly to your opponent’s gameboard. So be on the lookout for those big groups of bubbles to pop.