Puzzle and dragons tips

Save Your Merges

When you're playing on the home camp, try your best to organise things so you can merge them later. Group your objects together, but space them far enough apart so that you won't accidentally merge them, and (as mentioned above) save your objects until you have enough of them to make a 5-way merge!

Merge 5 Instead of 3

Speaking of merging, did you know that you can merge things in clusters of 5, instead of just clusters of 3? Merging 5 objects together leads to double the output; i.e. if you merge 5 clovers, you'll get 2 life flowers instead of merging 3 clovers to get 1. It's always best to save your items for a 5-way merge, if you can.

Merge Everything!

Pretty much everything in the game can be merged, from dragons, coins, and gems down to the stars you win after beating a goal in a level. Merging always leads to a higher score/grander result, so merge everything you can in the game to see what you can discover and collect!

Here’s Some Game Winning Combo Tips

Puzzle & Dragons Combo Tips!If you are still getting the hang of Puzzle & Dragon's unique gameplay style, check out this video!2012-11-17T03:08:53.000Z The video tutorial above will help you adopt more winning combos for every battle. If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Puzzle and Dragons players, throw them in the comments section!

Sell Some Dragon Chests for Coins

Some of the Dragon Chests aren't worth spending your diamonds on—namely the Dragon Egg Chest, the Radiant Egg Chest, or the Dragon Nest Vault. While you might think it's tempting to open these shiny chests- don't use up a huge amount of gems to open them, as the rewards will only be things like eggs and small objects which you can buy using coins and bricks (which are far easier to obtain than the Dragon Gems). You can also sell the Dragon Chests and get a decent amount of coins (anywhere from 40 to 100 coins)!

Here’s All The Magic Stones You Need to Know

Puzzle & Dragons features some Magic Stones that have to be purchased with real world money. These stones can be used to revive yourself if you ever take an L during a dungeon run. Check out the list below for the prices on all the magic stones being sold:

– 1 Magic Stone: $0.99
– 6 Magic Stones: $4.99
– 12 Magic Stones: $9.99
– 30 Magic Stones: $22.99
– 60 Magic Stones: $43.99
– 85 Magic Stones: $59.99

Here’s How to Pass The Mask Dungeon Master Crawl

iPhoneDevPinoy.com also offered a few tips on completing the Mask Dungeon Master stage:

The requirement is that you should have Shiva(#236) or Shiva helper. in the first round, the monsters’ attack is not too high. Just clear orbs which can not make attack to enemies. Do it again and again until the Shiva’s active skill is ready. Then use the skill and finish the dungeon. Although Shiva’s skill effect only one turn, you can still use it if you clear the enemies in one turn.


Dragon Fruits are the equivalent of Pokemon’s Rare Candy’s. When you get your hands on some Dragon Fruit, you can use them as grub for your monsters. These pieces of fruit are worth 5000 EXP, so feed them to the monster’s you’re really trying to level up.

Take Over Half-Stamina Dungeons As Much As Possible

Farming those half-stamina dungeons will help you acquire a healthy amount of more money, EVO materials and Rank-Up opportunities. Hit these dungeons up at multiple intervals to get the upper hand in those harder dungeons.

Focus on Building Up Your RCV and HP Survivability

In order to have a completely balance team, don’t upgrade your monsters’ Attack power so much. It’s nice to upgrade that attribute, but it’s better to focus more on these two stats – RCV and HP. Your survival rate in those tougher dungeons will increase thanks to your focus on those monster statistics.