Puzzle and dragons tips

You don’t have to bring FUA to Hexazeon...

I see far too many post stating that FUA is a requirement because of ZH. Since the rage hit is just a single gravity and they heal 50%. A single light hit and a heal for around 25k and you can then just smack them hard again. Just want to point this out for anyone thinking a FUA is keeping them from going after Hexazeon.

To newbies who rolled a bowl monster from PEM.

Level them up and use them. They're basically better stat and CD versions of the King Slimes.

If you need Jewel of Fire in the future at all, farm Beelzebub tomorrow for a chance at Basilisk(3K MP).

The late bloomers will be removed as dungeon drops once the MP store comes out so they'll be REM-only so they'll be sold at the same price as a REM-only card @ 3K.Was waiting for a good opportunity to farm a descend that has red jewel invade with some side perks for my Awoken Leilans, and I don't think it'll get much better than this. Not to mention is this dungeon is such a cakewalk for Awoken Ra team since you're immune to almost all the bad mechanics in this dungeon and it's short.

Tricolor dungeons only have Red, Blue and Green Orbs.

I brought DKali as a lead. I am an idiot. I knew that it was tricolor while I did it. Send help.

How to Do a 5 Orb Match and a Row with a 26-4 Bicolor Board.

I was farming Raphael skillups in co-op with Chip the other day, with Yomidra leaders.For the boss floor, Chip popped Haku and then Akechi, to one-shot the dog dragons. He ended up with a 26 dark orb and 4 heal orb board.And then he did THIS to make a bad board into the 5 match necessary to activate Yomidra's leader skill, along with a row for extra damage.This maneuver was new to me. Today's my 750th day playing, and I still learn new techniques for this game every day.Yesterday, I was farming Sky Prison with Yomidra, and I popped Haku and then Akechi for the boss floor. I ended up with 26 dark orbs and 4 heart orbs, so I did this like Chip did, and beat the dungeon.Most of you probably already know about this arrangement, but for those of you who don't: perhaps you'll find it useful, too.Cheers!

Zaerog8 FL9 orb troll can be prevented using right color attribute mix.

I was having problems with the RNG of FL9. Stumbled upon a solution with my Bastet team. Currently run Bastet, aMeiMei, aMeiMei, LiuBae, Verdandi. FL9 first two turns you need to do 16 damage to avoid OHKO. Partnered with a friend Bastet team has 8 Green attributes and 4 Red attributes. This allows for one turn of getting green orb trolled as long as I hit Red that turn. And next turn must hit green/red combos. This can also happen in reverse order of course. Doesn't have to be Bastet, any color lead can make it work - just run 4 off color sub attributes because 4 (turn 1) + 12 (turn 2) will allow you to survive. Once I figured out this mix, my clear rate went from 50% up to 90%. Lots of practice has also helped up the percentage too, but getting completely trolled on FL9 hasn't happened in a long time.

Images to setting up account transfer between Android devices for JP.

I had the lovely time of trying to fumble around the Japanese pad settings in order to find the buttons to enable my account to migrate data between phones and obtaining my secret ID. My google-fu is probably too low level to know what type in to get the images so yah... To help others who may have to do this eventually I've SS the images and marked where you need to click in order to enable Data migration and your Secret ID. This does NOT help you issue a device transfer code. For enabling Game data migrationOne TwoThreeAfter hitting yes a process will pop up and then a button hit yes and restart your game.For Obtaining the Secret IDOneTwoNext page will bring you to your secret ID. Record the ID

Pad 12.1.0 on android sucks your battery.

Observed on 2 different devices and asked on discord some people concluded the same. Once finished playing, kill the PAD app or greenify it, otherwise you're gonna loose -5 to -7% battery per hour while your device is idle. PS : got a nvidia shield tablet K1 (android 7.0) and a Oneplus One under Lineage OS (android 7.1)