Puzzle and dragons tips

In honour of Mother's Day, let your Mom roll one for you.

And post results here!After all, it takes a heroine to roll a heroine.(Will update when I see my mom later)Edit: She rolled me a DiaoChan

TIL: you can skip FF Collab 2's final boss death animation if you tap the screen.

Just a little tip for those of us farming it for skillups :) it's already annoying having all the extra preemptive/death speech.

For those who rolled mini LZL.

You can pair up with real LZL friends to do no-dupes coin dungeons. That's 18x total multiplier, definitely better than the normal LZL+Lmeta pairing imo. You can even make a team using mini dqxq and mini sun quan. Even compared to Valk+Athena pairings, I really think this is superior (although the sub pool is a bit different).If they use their LZL for no-dupes, then there shouldn't be too much of a problem getting them to add you, since the pairing benefits both players.

Maintenance starts when this post is 35 minutes old! Collect those expiring mails and spend your overflowing stamina!.

V15, here we come!

For anyone interested, the new Puzzle and Dragons Anime starts airing tomorrow.

Here is a link to the shows Myanimelist page if you want more information on it.That said we don't actually have much info on it. I'm hyped nonetheless.

Yes you can easily (but painfully) Kiri cheese Astral Plane Deity Top Floor

Take RMyr out for a test drive before buying her.

If you're unsure whether you can play RMyr, you can just play regular Myr paired with RMyr in endless corridors to see if you like the playstyle and if you have the skill required. Keep in mind that regular Myr will give you 1 second more than RMyr (+2s instead of having 2 time extends), so adjust your subs/badge accordingly. So you have an idea of what damage to expect, double RMyr should deal roughly 50% more damage than LMyr x RMyr. If you don't have a regular Myr, then use a similar heart cross lead. If you don't have any heart cross lead, then there's a good chance you won't be able to play RMyr.

If you're rolling in the upcoming Godfest, save some stones for your expiring mail.

Folks, if you're like me, you've probably got dozens of mail messages saved up from before mail had fixed expiration dates. As of when I'm writing this, those messages will expire in 25 days, and that would cost me tons of jewels, latent tamas, and pys. If you're NIAP and have that older mail, save some stones so you can claim all that. If you're light IAP, consider buying the one-time bundle and throwing the 10 stones into box space for a quick 50 - you get bonus Pal points and a roll anyways, so consider it an investment. Good luck!