Puzzle and dragons tips

If you don't have Hanzo and want a dark orb changer, now's a good time to skill up your CDD.

Chaos Devil Dragon offers an 8-turn Water to Dark change with much better stats than Hanzo, I've been using CDD on my Pandora team and devil teams and it's great. Plus, he pairs well with Blonia and other full board changers like Typhon and Haku. I highly suggest max-skilling CDD with Dark Insect Dragon if you often run Dark or Devil teams.

Miru's active can serve strictly as a heart spawn.

As in the title if you do not move any orbs while the clock ticks, then you could proceed to activate other skills or combo the standard way. Give it a shot in endless corridor if trust isn't your thing ;)

King of Fighters can be S-Ranked (again).

So don’t forget to run it once in between Ganesha runs to collect your Rainbowpy!

New players! If you don't have an echidna yet, Saturday is your day.

On Saturday until Monday as part of the Runic Enchantment event the special dungeon Scarlet Snake Princess will available. I know quite a few new players have been saying they have been running low level dungeons trying to get one and this dungeon is made specifically to obtain this monster/skill it up so make sure to jump on the opportunity while you can!

Revo Sun Quan is a full blind-resist sub for the Myne no-assist dungeon.

The burst active was also helpful for the boss one-shot on my B&J team.You still have to deal with bombs but they are much easier to match when the board isn't dark.

I just now realized a use for counterattack leads. Fast 0-combo skill-up dungeons.

Cauchemar Beta - clearing a floor with a nuke/orb refresh deducts 5000 points.

Make sure your partners aren't using a stone to continue when you ragequit 3p.

This goes to the Mizu Hunter that ragequit after I died, leaving me on my own with my own Mizu hunter.Thanks for that.

This month’s Challenge 9 drops reincarnated kamui.

If you were going to evolve You Yu with grato from the One-shot challenge, the other material “Reincarnated fenrir knight Kamui” drops fully evolved from C9.

Future Awoken Minerva users: Get your Zeus Vulcan from the ranking dungeon.

It's way easier if you have a poison