Puzzle and dragons tips

If you're having a hard time figuring out how to draw a certain card, look up their items on PAD W.

You can see everyone's outfit straight-on, which is helpful if you're drawing someone whose clothing is partially blocked in PAD. (Sonias, I'm looking at you.)

Floor 7 (No Awoken Skills) of Eternal Jail of the Devil King.

The dungeon is only one floor. It's a combo skill check in the same vein as Jormungandr-Ullr was in the White Snake dungeon last year. Awakenings are gone, which removes Time Extends, but it doesn't deny TE in the Leader Skill. Just go in with a leader like Gin, Yomi, or even Ideal, and enjoy your easy mode. :)

To NA players skilling up Ganesha through Batman vs Superman: Save some spare Lex Luthors for a future update!.

NA pushed BvS before other updates to keep it time-relevant, including the one that buffed most orb enhance skills. Assuming that BvS will end before that update comes through, Ganesha's max skill level will be 2 higher down the road. Save yourself two piis and stash some Lex Luthors. Who knows how long it will be before Ganesha has another farmable skillup?

Leveling in Lv1 Dungeons is affected by both EXP curve and cost. (Z8 has 6 mil curve, Yomidra has 10 mil curve)

Dark Izanami uses Time Reduction with Priority.

In the descend, on the final boss, if you use an active skill which grants time extension for orb movement it overrides the pre-emptive Mirthless Smile's 10 turn reduction. She then re-uses the skill, she did the same even below HP thresholds. Awoken Egyptian Gods are an example of where this is especially useful, since you can use those actives to stall since she won't attack, instead using her turn to cast the time reduction again.Hope this is useful!

You can poison Fire Cat Dragon and ignore its perseverance.

Since the boss has no shield status, it can be poisoned. Therefore, you can do your usual set of active + your poison active, bring it to 1hp... and the poison tick will kill it, so you don't have to worry about the whole team bind. You can also use delay, of course ! Hope it helps some of you :)

Don't do 3K challenge and the new biweekly until after maintenance, you get 1/2 off stam in co-op.

Same applies to limited time dungeons if you can wait.