Puzzle and dragons tips

Last day to claim your November rewards for the 1 year mail expire.

Maintenance will be at 7PM (PST) tomorrow so anything claimed after that will have 1 month mail expire instead.

You can skill up Chocobos and Moogles in their gift dungeons.

Don't buy tans in the mp shop.

We are getting the tan dungeon tomorrow and it is supper easy. 25k mp is super overpriced, and skill inheritance isn't so necessary that you need it now.

SAVE Mion Challenge rewards!.

This snow globe challenge was different from the last, since we have a completely separate dungeon for completing it (yay another stone). Contrary to other challenges, you get the snow globe rewards RIGHT AFTER you finish the dungeon. Even though you received them, DO NOT feed them just yet. After the challenge ends, they will be given huge buffs to their EXP levels, so I advise you wait until then!

Celestial Gift - How to tell what snowglobe will drop -.

The Egg has a 50% chance to use a skill each turn that will distinguish its color when evo'd. Merry Christmas! (Rouge) Thanks for a great year! (Bleu) Happy Holidays! (Vert) It's a White Christmas! (Blanc) Have a great Christmas! (Noir)

PSA: Descended Carnival Tuesday (via pdx).

Happy Hunting!

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