Puzzle and dragons tips

Apparently floor 2 of PAD Island is 100% on Int difficulty with 2x drop rate on.

Ran 20x so far, F1/F2 dropped every time.I would strongly suggest doing this if you rolled BGonia or have Chesters while we have 2.5x skill-up as it's only 15 stam per run.

Remember you can use your best friends on any dungeon. 2 stamina dungeons = easy PAL points.

If you have no use for what your best friend/s are using that day, remember you can run one of the 1/2 stam tier 1 dungeons and get 100 PAL points for 2 stamina, an amazing deal.

You can earn multiple pixelits! Get 1 for each clear of the 4 monster or less challenge (you can clear multiple times!).

It literally says this on the dungeon, but today I woke up to like 10 different trade offers of a pixelit for a dragon/machine/devil killer on my list. You can't stop ppl from trying to scam others, but you can tell ppl not to fall for it.P.S. and to those ppl who are trying to scam who are saying I'm ruining the fun, good

Please Have Combo Skip On When Entering Dungeons (Coop especially)!!!.

Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skip Combos "ON"

Don't forget new Jewel of Creation drops in Spirit Jewel Rush.

Just in case anyone didn't realize it, but it invades in Spirit Jewel Rush which is going on right now in some groups. I got 3 of them in about 10 or so runs of it.

[NA] Maintenance Done! New Kaede Evo & Special One-Time Bargain Set!

PAD runs on the new Bluestacks 4.

Finally it's seems like it work againChange engine to DirectX to stop the flickeringSame settings as in version 3

Maintenance is over.