Puzzle and dragons tips

Each present egg color has a unique phrase. Test by moving a single orb one space over with 0 matches. When you have the one you want finish for the stone and gift.

The info for their sayings is on padx and padguide. You may be throwing some stamina down the toilet but if you need a lot of xp for a color, you can at least know what you are getting and try again for the one you want/need more. (Need some dankness xp for when yomi dragon comes back.

Awoken Bastet's active will clear time delays set by bosses.

I was playing with Awoken Bastet in extreme endless corridors and ran into dark izanami on floor 15. Her preemptive reduces your time to move orbs for 10 turns. I used Bastet's active and after my turn, it had removed the 10 turn time delay. This was something interesting that I didn't know about so I felt like sharing. :)This will probably be true for the other Awoken Egyptian as well.

Make sure to farm a Kagato from Shinrabansha Collab 2.

Make sure to farm a Kagato from this collab while its available! It's useful as a button for a ranking dungeon coming eventually (Surtr IIRC).

Optimal bicolor boards for Amun

The ranking dungeon provides an easy way to obtain chasers for color swap evos of the seasonal Chinese girls.

I would grab one of each if you plan to color swap one of the seasonal Chinese girls at any point. The ranking dungeon is far more stamina efficient to obtain them than other methods

[NA] Maintenance is over

If you have not done so yet, run Legendary Earth solo no continues quest for another 10k pal points.

It's worth to run it today for last minute +297

You can still complete Cauchemar cup to get the free stone even if you're gonna rank 99.9% AKA "I'm at 1.1% please bump my score".

If you don't plan to score high, you should stall for skills on Siren so you can one shot Cauchemar. He really fucks with you if you don't.

If you plan on rolling in the PCGF, you might want to stock up on evo mats now.

It's kinda an off week as far as events go. If you don't already have an excessive amount of dub mythlits, KOR, or mystic masks, now is a good time to stock up. Every roll is going to need at least one dub mythlit. Most seem to need on color keepers and dublits as well, but that's a little more dependent on what you end up with. Don't get caught waiting for a evo mats before you can play with your shiny new quad dupe kushinadahimes.